We Need ID’s to Take Out Library Books But Not to Vote If Some Have Their Way


I don’t understand. We need ID’s to drive. We need library cards to take out books.  Shouldn’t our vote be at least as secure as the books loaned to us from the local library?

Jesse Jackson and other civil rights leaders told Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, who is of Indian heritage, that she is a minority. I’m sure she needed Jesse to tell her that.

Some civil rights proponents can’t understand why she would want Voter ID’s.

“She couldn’t vote before 1965, just as I couldn’t,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, referring to the Voting Rights Act that abolished poll taxes, literacy tests and other ways whites across the Deep South kept minorities from voting.

Jesse Jackson is stuck in 1965 and can’t move beyond it. The memories of the past must be very painful and horrific for him. When MLK was shot, he was leaning over the balcony talking to Jesse Jackson. That alone must be a difficult trauma that affects his day-to-day thinking, but this is not 1965.

Some older minorities in the south did not have their births recorded and that has made it more challenging for them to know how to get voter IDs. However, these same people do have social security cards and they are eligible for Motor Vehicle ID’s. Medicaid cards can substitute for birth certificates in some states. If they are having difficulty, they can contact their local congressman to assist them.

Many states with Voter ID requirements give ID’s for free or have the means by which the poor can obtain them for free. Homeless people can get ID’s by using a park bench as an address. Anyone can get a Voter ID.

Claiming Voter ID’s are poll taxes is dishonest.

Jackson, and those sympathetic with his views, believe Voter ID laws equate to poll taxes and literacy tests meant to deprive minority Americans of their rights to vote because they believe that poor minorities tend to not have driver’s licenses. Fact is, they don’t need to have a driver’s license to have a Motor Vehicle ID and that is a straw man argument.

It’s more likely illegal aliens do not have driver’s licenses.

The fact is that the Motor Vehicle Department gives non-driver ID’s and they are very easy to obtain.

Without Voter ID’s, fraud is much too easy.

The attack on Voter IDs is an effort to steal the vote. Recently, undercover reporter, James O’Keefe made a video exposing how easy it is to commit fraud in a state (NH) without voter ID requirements. The NH AG is now investigating O’Keefe instead of the voter fraud. New Hampshire state law makes it illegal to use a false name to obtain a ballot. It’s also a crime to make an audio recording of someone without their consent or to “record an election official without permission.”

So fine him and go after the frauds.

What about the rights of the majority of Americans to have their votes protected?

Check out the video here and anyone who thinks we don’t need voter IDs after seeing this is in denial –