What Does This Bruised Arm Have to Do With Donald Trump

Michelle's bruises2
Michelle Fields Bruises

Corey Lewandowski allegedly roughed up a Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields.

This is the audio during the event and a discussion between Michelle Fields and a Daily Beast reporter immediately after.

Lewandowski already admitted he did it.


BEN SHAPIRO: Corey Lewandowski is a thug, and donald trump is a thug for backing him. anybody who engages in this sort of activity and justifies it by attacking somebody who by the way, this has been a verified account. there’s a report in the daily beast this morning that corey lewandowski went to matt boyle and said to him, if he had known it was a breitbart reporter that he wouldn’t have done it, as though that’s justification. the whole thing is absurd. the fact that the trump campaign continues to play this game where they put out not just violent rhetoric but in this case a campaign manager engaging in violent action and they won’t step down to apologize is beyond disgusting, it really is. it’s gross.

Trump denied that anything happened. It wasn’t his fight and it might have been better if he ignored it.

It’s being widely discussed and it’s becoming a big story.


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