Wikileaks: Hillary’s Speech Deliberately Embellished with Fake Climate Data


Newly-released Wikileaks emails give us a look into the deception that goes into a Hillary Clinton speech on the climate. The strategy group she uses collaborates with Team Clinton to develop  a speech with impact and no regard for the truth.

The Benenson Strategy Group email begins this chain to Team Clinton by recommending strategy for a Hillary Clitnon speech on dealing with Keystone, saying it’s about our energy future and Keystone puts our global climate at risk. Obviously Hillary has little involvement in her own speeches. The team does it with strategists.

The concern was that there were no big ideas in it and she might look blandly political.

They were given fact sheets but to give it oomph, they simply lied. They wouldn’t lie so easily and freely if it wasn’t what Hillary wanted.

They “changed 20 to 40” and “pumped up the climate impacts”.

The Kristina Costa they refer to in the email chain is part of Hillary’s climate army. Costa, a Clinton campaign policy adviser, worked at the White House and at the looney leftist Center for American Progress, the Soros-Podesta enterprise. She takes the lead in deciding Hillary’s campaign positions, because, apparently, Hillary doesn’t. Hillary is a programmed robot.


Does anyone remember Climategate and Climategate 2.0 when emails were released proving the science of global warming is greatly exaggerated? We found out that data was being concealed by the scientists, much of the science was weak, and it was a political cause rather than balanced inquiry.

Nothing has changed.