Words Republicans Can Never Use



It’s easier to go through the forbidden word list by going down the alphabet so that’s what I have done here. Just so you know, I rely on Chris Matthews for a lot of my guidance in this. He really knows his vocabulary words.

Chris Matthews is the spotter of all things racist so you will see this post relies heavily on fighting racism throughout the dictionary. Matthews is such a non-racist that he even forgot Obama was black once. Really! He spent several minutes on his show gleefully reporting that. I guess he looks at people and thinks about the color of their skin.

These are some forbidden words:

The A word – No it’s not a$$hole, it’s “aliens” because we all know you are a bigot and mean illegal aliens and there is no longer any such thing. Our borders are wide open now.

B – “Basketball,” especially in conjunction with the president. It’s racist.

C – “Chicago,” we all know you’re racists when you use the word Chicago because there are a lot of black people in Chicago.

D – Detroit, there are blacks there too so don’t mention it.

F – You can say that bad word that just went through your mind, it’s fashionable now, but you can’t say “fairy” as in “fairy godmother” or “fat.” “Fat” is just rude. You can probably say that they are fighting gravity more than others or you can use words like  abdominous, corpulent, stout, maybe even obese.

G – “God,” don’t say God! Didn’t you ever hear of separation of church and state? Then there is the word “gun.” You said it didn’t you? You used the word “gun.” Go wash your mouth out with soap. “Golf” is out when you are talking about Obama also because we know you mean it in the most racist way possible.

H – “Hussein” as in Barack Hussein Obama. We know you hate all Muslims and are insinuating the president is a Muslim. Yes, it is his middle name which he likes to use but only liberals can use it.

I – “Illegal” as an adjective because it’s demeaning.

J – “Jesus,” don’t mention him or you will be called a bigoted Jesus freak. Atheists will hate you and call you stupid or emotionally disturbed.

K “Kenya and Obama” in the same sentence means you are a birther.

L – “Latina.” Racist!

M – “Mentally ill” because it’s demeaning. You can say a person who appears to have a mental illness but be careful how you use that sentence. Midget pickles can never be used because we know you really mean human beings and not pickles. Never, never say the word “monkeying” – we know what you really mean.

The N word – No it’s not that word! It’s “niggardly!” Stupid liberals think it means the “N” word.

O – “Obama!” You’re a racist if you say anything less than glowing about Obama!

P – “Pro-life,” you are obviously a homicidal lunatic who hates women and wants them to have abortions with hangers in the back room of a pool hall.

T – “Tribe.” That one is obvious. Don’t be a member of the Tea Party either because Chris Matthews found a study declaring them to be homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and backward. Matthews thinks they represent the KKK so I guess he doesn’t realize the KKK were all Democrats?

U – Urban, it’s racist lingo. Cities have minorities. In fact, don’t use the word cities either. Paul Ryan agreed once that the turnout in an urban area was high at election time. He said it on prime time TV. That’s pretty racist because he meant blacks came out and voted.

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W – “Watermelon” is a dangerous word.

Pretty soon we’ll have the entire alphabet covered.

You probably thought you knew the meaning of the word “racism” but you don’t. Chris Matthews has redefined it – watch the following video for the definition. I thought it meant that a racist is one who is of the belief that race determines characteristics and superiority with accompanying discrimination. Apparently I was wrong!!!

Actually, to be serious, I find Chris Matthews and his ilk to be dangerous. They are misusing the word “racism” and diminishing its value. Racism is terrible and it has a terrible history in the United States. It still exists. To devalue it in this way is wrong, it’s just very wrong.