WOW Will Be The Most Viral Video For 2014


Senior Airman Brian Kolfage


Conservatism Is Calling: Share this with everyone you know, Obama is exposed on every lie, with facts and comparisons. Show the world what his liberal voter base is doing to America. If there’s one video you share in your life, make it this one. HELP expose their lies so voters can vote responsibly in 2014. ~ Airman Brian Kolfage

Airman Kolfage describes himself this way on his twitter page: ‘Purple Heart Recipient, Congressional Advisor, Speaker+Mentor+ Most severely wounded US Airman to survive, BA Architecture’ 

He wants us to join the fight!!! His twitter page is; his facebook page is; and his website is

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7 Comments on "WOW Will Be The Most Viral Video For 2014"

Stephen Georgen
9 months 25 days ago

I hope America wakes-up soon! I pray WOW is the most viral video in 2014. And thank you for your service.

God Bless!

Larry Sparks
9 months 28 days ago

President Barrack Obama is the greatest traitor in America since Benedict Arnold.

Bruce O'Hara
10 months 13 days ago

Will be posted in the 3-16-14 E-Blast…

Herbert Richmond
10 months 14 days ago

Also tweeted. Thank you..

the unit
10 months 14 days ago

Y’all surf as much as do. In case you missed though.

IBEW in Boston says it was a fake website. I gave Bizpac link ’cause article says no way to prove one way or another. I just don’t know anyone who is a conservative who would say such vile things. Or a liberal either. Progressive…well yeah.