5,000 Europeans Trained as Terrorists Return Home


terror training

The head of Europol Rob Wainwright said that as many as 5,000 Europeans have returned to Europe after being trained in terrorist camps. Europe now faces its biggest threat of  terror attacks from IS and other groups in more than a decade.

The head of the EU law enforcement agency said: “The growing number of foreign fighters presents the EU countries with completely new challenges.”

Mr Wainwright made his comments to Germany’s Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper.

There will be more terrorist attacks with a significant loss of lie, he said with certainty.

“It is expected that IS or other religious terrorist groups will carry out an attack somewhere in Europe, with the aim of achieving high losses among the civilian population.”

He doesn’t seem to think the refugee system is being exploited even though two of the Paris attackers did exploit it.

He told the German newspaper: “There is no concrete evidence that terrorists are systematically using the flow of refugees to arrive undetected in Europe.”

One must ask the question why they are allowing these traitors to return to Europe after they have betrayed the country. Let them remain in the country where they were trained. We’re doing the same thing in the United States and it defies credulity.

Keep in mind that with a European passport, they can fly to the US very easily.

Source: Sky News



  1. It seems that almost everyone is aware of that fact, except for the idiots in power across the world. Now that they should be aware, they haven’t the balls to do anything about it, for fear of upsetting muslims!!! Many are here already and have been for a long time. I am not the head of Europol, but I knew that. I would like to ask, that if Europol know about this, why have they not done anything?? I am not sure however, that Daesh are not using the refugee migration as a smoke screen, I know I would!! Besides, they mostly seem to be ahead of everyone else. Tell you what, let’s just sit here with our fingers up our backsides and wait for the next massacre shall we?? Go leaders!!!!

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