700,000 Taxpayer Dollars Went to Fund a Propaganda Play on Climate Change



Government propaganda paid for by the American taxpayer is alive and well. Uncle Sam gave away $700,000 of our tax dollars to the National Science Foundation so they could produce a play in Manhattan called “The Great Immensity.”

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas isn’t thrilled: “I support NSF research that can lead to discoveries that change our world, expand our horizons and save lives,” said Smith. “But spending taxpayer dollars to fund a climate change musical called ‘The Great Immensity’ sounds more like an immense waste of taxpayer dollars, money that could have funded higher priority research.”

Smith would like to see increased financial accountability for these types of grants. He would also prefer to see the money go for science research.

He has concerns about the uncertainty of the science of climate change though that is not the grounds on which he is objecting.

The play follows a woman who’s searching for her husband after he disappears from a tropical island while working for a nature program. She ends up at an international climate conference in Paris.

The company describes the play as trying to theatrically answer one of the pressing questions of our time: “How can we change ourselves and our society in time to solve the enormous environmental challenges that confront us?”

It is simply another government propaganda project to convince even more people they need to panic over climate change.

Read more here:McClatchy DC

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