A War on Coal Is A War on Jobs



As the EPA continues the war on coal, China seeks more coal development in neighboring Mongolia. While the United States is on a misguided mission to save the planet, China is going to fill the air with non-clean coal.

Coal accounts for more than half our energy in the United States and the rapid disuse of coal in this country will sharply increase the price of our energy at a time when our country is suffering from a depressed economy. We will also lose innumerable jobs in areas that can least afford it as our unemployment hits 9.2% and underemployment and discouraged workers are at 19%.

From the WSJ: The EPA is…conducting a campaign against coal-fired power and one of its most destructive weapons is a pending regulation to limit mercury and other hazardous air pollutants like dioxins or acid gases that power plants emit. The 946-page rule mandates that utilities install “maximum achievable control technology” under the Clean Air Act—and even by the EPA’s lowball estimates, it is the most expensive rule in the agency’s history.

The miners’ unions are coming late to the party as they begin to understand that the war on coal is a war on their jobs. Appalachian miners unions have come out in recent weeks and are expected to be followed by unions in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

From Fox news:…Michael Fox can literally see where his job ends.

The 14-year veteran of the West Virginia coal mining industry is about a year and a half out from finishing his current project, and he can see the boundaries of the site. He doesn’t know whether there will be any work left for him after that, since a wave of environmental regulation has put his firm’s other permits on hold.

“Unless we can get a permit, we can’t extend the job no farther,” he said. “Right now, I don’t know if I can make it or not.”

Fox, who is married and has three kids, was among the hundreds of Appalachian miners who rallied in Washington, D.C., Wednesday in a bid to pressure the Obama administration to loosen restrictions on coal mining in their states. They say the rules amount to a de facto freeze on a chunk of the industry, jeopardizing jobs in one of the most economically depressed parts of the country…

The bottom line is starting to come home to the President’s supporters and foreign countries like China will be only too happy to produce jobs we won’t produce.

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