Albany Has Legislation to Force New Yorkers to Buy More Expensive, Less Efficient Fuel


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There is legislation in Albany that will force homeowners and businesses to purchase oil with biofuels in it. Biofuels (as you probably know) are 20% less efficient and have not been proven to be any safer to the environment than current oil.

As we spend more buying this less efficient oil, John Catsimadis (photo below) benefits. He is the only guy who owns a biofuel plant around here. He’s building a massive biofuel processing plant in Brooklyn.

John C

Catsimadis is a political power house, a friend of Hillary Clinton. His soon-to-be former son-in-law is Chris Cox, grandson of Richard Nixon.

There will be generous tax credits for the producers.

The new fuel will crank up the heating bills for millions of families and businesses.

The oil is a special blend including biodiesel, a fuel supplement deprived from agricultural products.

Assemb. Steve Engelbright (D-Setauket) and Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan), are sponsoring the bill making false claims. They say biodiesel is “more efficient” and that the requirement will “result in less air pollution.”

Neither is true.

It’s more expensive and a gallon produces 17% less heat than a gallon of conventional heating it. From beginning to end in the process, it’s net energy gain is three times lower than heating oil.

It won’t be good for furnaces. It’s corrosive as it moves through pipelines that carry home heating oil.

Studies indicate that biodiesel fuels fare poorly in air pollution.

New York City forced the fuel on their residents in 2010.

Biofuel producers need the government fiats and subsidies to keep them afloat at great expense to taxpayers. It’s that good!!!

The bill is on this link.



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