Anonymous EU Officials Will Blacklist Some Israelis


As Islamo-Fascists rage throughout the Middle East, unnamed EU officials plan to blacklist Israelis, starting with people they label “criminals.”

It’s much too reminiscent of pre-World War II Germany when Jews were made to wear the Star of David as identification.


Anonymous officials in the EU want Israel to pull back their borders to indefensible positions and give the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the violent terrorists who lob weapons into their country from Gaza. Some in the EU, you see, are on the side of the terrorists.

Unnamed EU officials have come up with a plan to express their anger and put pressure on Israelis. They are considering blacklisting Israelis, but they will only be “criminals.”

Some “European Officials “want to stop building of settlements on land the Palestinians want…”. The settlements that the anonymous “European diplomats” are talking about are simply homes for Jews being built on their own land won in the 1967 war. They’ve already given up land – Gaza – and the Gazans used the opportunity to elect terrorists into office and lodge an ongoing campaign aimed at the destruction of Israel.

These anonymous EU officials, who are too cowardly to give their names, say they are looking for ways to stop “Jewish settlers convicted of crimes from visiting the EU”. They also plan to look at the “fine print of a free trade agreement”.

The EU officials are terrorists in their own right.

It is not known who and how these anonymous cowards will select “criminals”, but the one thing that is certain is the EU “officials” plan to do this without due process in violation of their own laws.

The EU, the United States and the U.N. are allegedly angered because Israel plans to build on land near Jerusalem, land the Palestinians want. The U.S. is part of this coven.

Only Israel will be targeted. No criminals in Gaza or any of the other terrorist nations will be blacklisted, including nations that fund Hamas such as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Some unnamed “senior diplomat” said Europe’s patience is “wearing thin.” Apparently, they’re not impatient with the terrorists attacking Israel.

A meeting is coming up in Luxembourg on Oct. 20 and the issue could come up.

Palestinians want to make a future state out of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem was never on the list until fairly recently. One can only wonder as to what will become of the Holy Land and the Western Wall under Hamas rule.

There are 100 to 200 purported “criminals” being targeted and some have EU passports.

The anonymous EU officials are also looking into targeting Israeli banks that do business over the 1949 Armistice lines.



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