Political and Financial Elite Are At The Heart of Illegal Immigration


Immigration, both legal and illegal, is a redistribution of wealth from the working class to the elite financial and political classes and it has little or nothing to do with concern for the well-being of the poor in other countries. It’s not an honest call to the “tired, poor, huddled masses.” It’s a call for social inequality.

Ask yourself who is really benefitting from illegal immigration and a massive increase in work permits?

illegal immigrants at McAllen

Even with our new executive order – to fly in children and adults from Central America who are related in illegal aliens in the U.S. – we are expecting another historic surge across the border this year, the hill reports.

The numbers will be down over last year because Mexico and Central America are deporting more before they get to the U.S. after we redistributed $1 billion in aid ostensibly for their poverty and crime problem. Since the governments are part of the crime problem, we can expect the money to line their pockets.

The problem isn’t simply illegal alien children. It’s so much greater than that and redistribution is at the heart of it. People who have concerns about income inequality need to look at illegal immigration, perhaps even legal immigration with the high numbers of work permits being granted.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, writing for The Washington Post, said that according to the Census Bureau’s own estimates, we are on track to introduce a new population of foreigners nearly four times larger than LA in only 10 years. He is concerned about the high numbers of both legal and illegal immigration.

Sessions sees legal immigration as the larger problem, causing wage stagnation with little pressure for them to assimilate.

Currently, Sessions says, the percentage of foreign-born is ready to “eclipse any previous historical peak and to continue rising,” putting tremendous pressure “on wages, as well as schools, hospitals and many other community resources,” It is at a time when “1 in 4 Americans age 25 to 54 does not have a job”.

The massive immigration helps the financial and political elite by keeping wages down, profits up, contributions and votes coming.

Sessions asks, “What’s not to like? That is why they have tried to enforce silence in the face of public desire for immigration reductions. They have sought to intimidate good and decent Americans into avoiding honest discussion of how uncontrolled immigration impacts their lives.”

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Sessions about legal immigration, one thing is clear and that is the people who most want and most benefit from immigration are the rich and powerful financial and political classes. It makes them richer and more powerful.

Daily Caller has engaged in the immigration debate and a few points from one article bear mentioning here.

“Studies showing that immigration reduces the employment of the native-born, such as this one by a Federal Reserve economist that indicates immigration has significantly reduced the employment of American teenagers, or this study and this study, both of which show that immigration reduces the employment of African Americans.”

About 79% of illegal immigrants have no more than a high school education. They are taking jobs from kids, poor kids, black kids who will then find work outside the legal system.

The rich put forth false arguments to increase the flow of immigrants but if their theory of “native-immigrant complementarity” is accurate, we need to immediately import CEOs.

“‘The ratio of CEO pay to other workers has skyrocketed. Obviously we are suffering from a glut of workers and massive CEO scarcity. We should issue work permits automatically to any executive with a job offer that pays more than $500,000 a year. Americans with organizational skills will be pressed to shift to the public sector, improving the quality and lowering the cost to taxpayers of government services.”

”But that’s not how things are done. In the United States, the hypothesis of native-immigrant complementarity is deployed to justify policies that intensify competition for the lower and middle echelons of the society, rarely near the top…”

Illegal alien workers are not in the fields. Only 5% of them are. They are competing with Americans for jobs in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other service occupations despite the fact that the unemployment rate for African-Americans is twice that of whites since 1972.

One example given for only one field:

“According to a 2014 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, “for every foreign-born nurse that migrates to a U.S. city there are between one and two fewer native RNs observed working in the city.” The study found that over a 10-year period, the flow of foreign-born nurses in the United States has reduced the number of native-born Americans sitting in licensing exams.”

Real wages have been stagnant for 30 years (“The middle class is 20 percent poorer than it was in 1984″ by Matt O’Brien, Wonkblog, Washington Post, July 29, 2014). We know that to be true.

Scott MConnell writing for The American Conservative asks why we are not going to the “heart of the matter.” Illegal immigration in the least is a “frontal assault” on “social equality.”

“The heart of it isn’t the end of white cultural and political dominance (the end of America, as some would have it) though that is surely an element behind some immigration restriction sentiment. It’s that mass immigration is a frontal assault on America as a country with a fair degree of social equality.”

“I would submit that a country where the rich have to complain about their difficulty getting good help is morally superior to one where the working class is under constant threat of falling into dire poverty.”

There are trade-offs we are told. Those trade-offs appear to be at the expense of middle America, especially minorities. It appears to be a “redistribution of wealth from labor to people who use immigrants.”

For more on the summary of this interesting debate with corresponding links, go to The Daily Caller.




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