Et Tu Newsmax

Christopher Ruddy, fake conservative
Christopher Ruddy, fake conservative

Newsmax is a fake conservative online mag that does have some good articles but watch for the nuanced leftist mantras when you read the articles and don’t be swayed because the reality is that the CEO and founder is just another hack in bed with Team Hillary and we know that thanks to the Podesta Files.

In one email, from Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax to John Podesta, we see he is communicating with the hard-left Podesta and in another we see more serious collusion.

Ruddy appears to be the infiltrator of Conservatives, bringing them to the left.

He thanks Podesta for giving him time and refers to Mario Diaz Balart, a pro-amnesty Republican, who can’t whip votes since the loss of RINO Eric Cantor. This was dated June 2014 when the amnesty bill passed by the Senate was being considered in the House.

The immigration reform bill was amnesty under the guise of immigration reform and did nothing to close the borders, guaranteeing a continued influx of illegal aliens.

In the email, Ruddy shows he is clearly working with Podesta to push the GOP into an amnesty bill.

The email reads:

I had a meeting with Mario Diaz Balart today who tells me their whipping is not going well in terms of votes. He says that they really have been hurt by the Cantor loss.

He still has some additional votes to review. He Is interested in proceeding. We have agreed to cohost a meeting of conservative leaders likely the week of July 7 in DC for him to lay out his concepts. Hopefully we can gauge reaction after that meeting as well. I will let you know what I am up to. If you have any suggestions for me please feel free to share them.

One has to wonder how many of these neverTrump “conservative” publications are also fake. We see that the politicians run as conservatives and lead as RINOs or out-and-out leftists. The same thing is going on in the media. There are also a lot of more obviously fake conservative sites meant to trick conservatives into making fools of themselves but nothing is more pernicious than a leftist with a respected conservative journal.


  1. Newsmax TV was mostly conservative for 4 hours each weeknight, it was my Fox replacement, until it was taken off Direct TV. The removal at this time is suspicious. Newmax online is mostly nonsense, written by biased amateurs, with little content to base any opinions with. Independent Sentinel is much better.

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