Brazen Corruption! After Crooked Hillary Endorsement, Obama Makes This Shocking Move


The president promised to not giver Hillary any special treatment during the investigation. Hello? He just endorsed her!

Barack Obama sent out his dog whistle to the FBI by endorsing Hillary Clinton Thursday and he likely has already corrupted the process. It’s doubtful that Loretta Lynch will do anything but the bidding of the president.

Shortly after the endorsement was made, President Obama brazenly and openly met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the Oval Office. The meeting was closed to the press.

That’s shocking and in our face.

Lynch, of course, will ultimately make the decision as to whether Clinton will be prosecuted should the FBI issue an indictment by some fluke.

In January, 2014, Lynch told a class in Long Beach that she serves the president and DOJ Holder. She didn’t say she serves the American people and the rule of law.

“I serve at the pleasure of the first African-American president of the United States of America,” she said to a round of applause.

Loretta Lynch went through her confirmation hearings barely answering a question. She conveniently either didn’t know or couldn’t remember anything. When she did answer, she made it clear she would follow Barack Obama’s policies, even if they were in direct violation of the law of the land. She would not consider any limitations to the power of the presidency.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest was asked by reporter James Rosen Thursday:

“So when a career prosecutor or a FBI agent when’s working on the Clinton investigation hears this president speak openly of how he wants Hillary Clinton to succeed him, you don’t think that that career prosecutor or that FBI agent takes that as some indication of how the president wants to see this case resolved?”

Earnest responded:

“No. I think that those career prosecutors understand that they have a job to do and that job that they’re supposed to do which is to follow the facts, to pursue the evidence, to a logical conclusion, that that is a I don’t know that they are responsible for doing without any sort of political interference and the president expects them to do this job.

This is the reason we ask career federal prosecutors to take the lead on those kinds of matters. They’re the ones that conduct the investigations. They don’t have career jobs. That’s their responsibility and that’s why the president discussing this issue at each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle. That any criminal investigation should be conducted in an independent of any political interference and that people should be treated the same way before the law, regardless of their political influence and political party. Regardless of the political stature and regardless of what political figure endorsed them.”

After the president pushes to have Hillary declared innocent, they will insist the entire affair was concocted by the Republicans. They plan to make it the nail in the GOP coffin.

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Karen Randall
Karen Randall
6 years ago

Well great! Then she can be found guilty and prosecuted! Wonderful!

J Gilson
J Gilson
6 years ago

This has been over with a long time ago. Hillary knows that the possibility of any indictment is an impossibility. Lynch has her marching orders and there will never be anything done.
The worst corruption since US Grant’s administration.