Can We Outsource Libraries? Unions Might Make Them Unaffordable.


Unions in NY, particularly on Long Island, just might kill the Golden Goose. The Huntington, Long Island, library budget of $8.6 million is up 2.7 percent thanks to increased benefit costs, the MTA payroll tax and reduced state aid. Unions for the librarians, clerical workers, custodians and security guards have contracts expiring on June 30th.

Trustee Charles Rosner said, “The library cannot afford the demands being made by the union…the demands are being made with little regard for the library’s finances and the economic environment in which we now live.”

The union wants a four-year contract with pay increases of 3% for the first two years plus 2.5% step increases each year; a 3.5% increase the third year, plus a 2.5% step increase; and a 4.75% increase the fourth year, plus the 2.5% step increase.

In other words, the step increase is a raise and the raise is a raise.  If we don’t stop pulling back on these increases and ignoring the bully tactics, there are not going to be any people to pay the public sector union employees. Read more here:Newsday



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