Clinton and Bernie Are Staffing Their Campaigns With Foreigners

Democrat Campaign Workers
Democrat Campaign Workers

Clinton and Bernie are staffing their campaigns with “scores” of illegal immigrants according to MSNBC. The young illegal immigrant interviewed in the video below said she is helping Bernie Sanders because she needs Bernie to get ahead.

Why don’t we just put polling stations in foreign countries?

This is how Democrats think. Foreigners are more important than citizens. The mayor of New York City wants foreigners who have been living in the city for only six months to vote in all but presidential elections.

Maybe we should staff campaigns with Russian and Chinese nationals so they can help us decide how to handle Ukraine and the arming of fake islands in the South China Sea. Perhaps Iranians should be involved so they can determine the future of our military apparatus.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for these young people and maybe they should be legalized but is this appropriate? They are supporting leftists so they can get what they want.

Close the border, then talk about legalization. Where does it end if we don’t seal our borders? Does it end with the United States as a Third World country?




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