Comments on ISIS’ SNL Skit Could Make You Sicker Than the Skit


SNL’s Saturday night skit had regular Taran Killam playing a father driving his daughter, played by actress Dakota Johnson, to a parking lot so she could join ISIS.

The skit is a spoof of a Super Bowl ad – Toyota Camry’s “My Bold Dad” commercial. That commercial had a father driving his daughter to the airport so she could join the U.S. Army.

The skit is also spoofing the youth who go off to join ISIS.

SNL is also mocking a very moving ad about a girl going off to the U.S. Army, intentionally or not.

It brings joking about incredible evil to a whole new level.

Then there are comments posted with the YouTube video which could make you sick. I’ve posted some of them without the bloggers nicknames.

Fortunately many comments were not like these:

ThisIzTheEdge We’re making fun of their need to say “Death to America” and portraying them as the goons that they are. Why people don’t get this makes me think that people just don’t laugh ENOUGH anymore.


For everyone with a huge stick up thier ass, IT’S A FREE COUNTRY BITCHES!!! Don’t like it, don’t watch it. I for one, thought it was funny. Lol


Why would someone dislike the video? That’s the funniest shit i saw all day XD And also, DEATH TO AMERICA HALALULULULULULULULU.


I can’t see anything controversial about this. I wonder what that says about me.


OMG Silly stuff. 🙂


AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious! It does seem like some unsuspecting teenage girl who should be living normal live is always in the news for joining ISIS. Like, wtf? Hilarious.


The only plague the CHRISTIAN TALIBAN tries to spread is INTOLLERANCE , HOMOPHOBIA & BIGOTRY.


Also why is extremist Christians allowed to spread THEIR plague???


The Christians have Ku Klux Klan, The Jews had Stern + Aragons gangs and Muslims have ISIS. Just like they say those bad people had nothing to do with the religion we say the say the same for ISIS. They don’t represent Islam nor do they have anything to do with it.
Speaking of which, I don’t get this sketch. SNL you really need a Muslim guy on your comedy team these ISIS skits are not hitting as hard or as funny as they should be.
Call me lol


This is the funniest skit I’ve every scene from SNL ! Lenny Bruce and George Carlin would be proud!! Please more hard hitting humor. I love to read all the pussies cry “Bad Taste” it’s amazing how many people are sensitive to ISIS and the stupid parents who allow their children go into such shitholes on this planet.

There is a lack of civility in the skit and some of the audience are, to be polite, uncivil. I thought the left-wing wanted civility?

Hopefully this isn’t representative of Americans. Many sound like foreigners and many sound like plants. ISIS could be posting for all I know. The Internet can be a cesspool.

What I don’t understand is SNL.

What I do understand is this:

gay man being thrown off building

man in cage



ISIS baby

There are far worse photos – horrific photos – that I could have shown but we stay away from that on the Sentinel.

What ISIS is doing is sickening and heartbreaking. There’s nothing funny about any of it.

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