Costas Blames the Gun Not Jovan Belcher




Kansas City linebacker, Jovan Belcher, shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins several times, He then shot himself in front of his coach. There are unsubstantiated reports that he had head injuries, though there is no evidence of concussions. Also reported is a history of drug and alcohol abuse by Belcher, which is also not substantiated.

In a stupid liberal moment, NBC mouthpiece, Bob Costas, went on a rant about how Jovan and his girlfriend would be alive today if it weren’t for the gun. We of course don’t know that. If Kasandra Perkins had a gun, she might be alive today.

If it is the gun’s fault, does that mean he couldn’t have killed her with a knife, with his hands, or run her over with his car?

That is the same logic one might use to say we’d have far fewer auto deaths if we took away cars or many people who died in Hurricane Sandy would be alive if there weren’t any trees since many died from trees falling on them. How about we outlaw bats, knives, axes, tools bigger than 6 inches or with sharp points?

Bob Costas is entitled to his opinion but his reasoning is illogical.

This is a tragedy but Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and that is all we know.


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