Dangerous U.N. Gun Treaty Coming Soon: It’s “Already” Being “Implemented” by Obama



The photo above is of the sculpture outside the UN in case you were wondering about their end game in any arms treaty. They want global disarmament. The only ones who will have guns will be dictators, criminals, and the elite under their scenario.

The 50th country signed on to the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) at the end of last September, putting it into effect. Mr. Obama has signed on to it and even helped plan the way it’s structured with the UN so he can implement it without Senate ratification.

The U.N. Programme of of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.” will now begin to meet on implementation.

Mr. Obama is reportedly beginning to implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) without ratification by the Senate. Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State Tom Countryman told a group of NGOs and UN officials recently that the White House is “already implementing the treaty” without Senate ratification.

On January 15, 2014, the Administration announced a new conventional arms export control policy that bore a strong similarity to the criteria in the ATT, according to Heritage’s research.

Consider that on April 23, 2014, Mr. Countryman stated explicitly that “we’re already implementing the treaty.”

Since then, the Administration, in spite of Congressional bans on implementation funding, has continued to promote the provision of foreign aid to ATT signatories.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty has the full support of Barack Obama. It was signed by the U.S. September 25, 2014 and went into force on December 24th. In fact, he conspired with his UN friends –  a gaggle of unelected bureaucrats – to get it passed.

Joining with the UN, Mr. Obama demanded the immediate “disarmament and arms control” under the UN Treaty.

They vowed to ensure every nation’s “entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty.”

If it were ratified by three-fourths of the Senate, we would be bound to submit to the norms defined by the international community.

Last September, in an address before the U.N. General Assembly, President Obama said that all nations “must meet our responsibility to observe and enforce international norms.”

While the Senate will not ratify it, the real concern is how much he will circumvent Congress.

President Obama has let it be known that he will ignore Congress. He feels the U.S. “must” observe the treaty’s norms even if that process hasn’t taken place and even if it is not ratified. He’s using a trumped up moral obligation excuse.

Under the treaty, the U.S. will be forced to establish export and import controls for combat vehicles, aircraft and small arms and light weapons.

Will it allow Obama to control all exports and imports and place burdensome regulations on gun dealers and manufacturers?

The treaty will establish a permanent international gun control bureaucracy within the U.N. Office for Disarmament Affairs to oversee and influence gun policy in all nations. The regulations and costs to Americans will be extraordinary.

It sets the stage for gun registration and ultimate confiscation. The US would likely be required to share information of US gun owners with other countries as a condition of importing.

The stated purpose of the treaty is to regulate the $70 billion international conventional arms business.

The treaty is supposedly to “prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and to prevent their diversion to the illicit market, or for unauthorized end use and end users, including in the commission of terrorist acts.”

This is ridiculous. The United States is not the problem in illicit arms dealing.

In reality, to date, 122 countries have signed including the United States.

Countries that are among the biggest illegal arms dealers have not signed this treaty.

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela all have not signed, among other criminal governments.

The stated purpose for the treaty is a sham.

By signing the treaty, Barack Obama also agreed to: Respecting and ensuring respect for international humanitarian law in accordance with, inter alia, the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and respecting and ensuring respect for human rights in accordance with, inter alia, the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…

The Declaration of Human Rights is a Marxist Bill of Rights and has no place in any treaty the U.S. abides by. We have our own Bill of Rights.

Obama and the UN expect us to refrain from threatening the use of force in conflicts with other nations.

Take a look at the arms this treaty covers:

This Treaty shall apply to all conventional arms within the following categories:

(a)  Battle tanks;

(b)  Armoured combat vehicles;

(c)  Large-calibre artillery systems;

(d)  Combat aircraft;

(e)  Attack helicopters;

(f)  Warships;

(g)  Missiles and missile launchers; and

(h)  Small arms and light weapons.

This treaty is nothing more than an attempt by communist dictators to control U.S. arms and our Second Amendment.

The treaty ties weapons exports, including conventional weapons, to possible human rights threats. It requires countries to keep conventional weapons from entering the black market.

U.S. arms dealers could be subject to lawsuits and harsh criticism. There will be the possible threats from the International Court. The treaty uses a “knowledge” standard which means the country must assess whether the weapons they sell will be used to commit human rights violations before it sells conventional arms.

Article 11 refers to “end users”—individual firearm owners. This article will increase pressure on the U.S. to include small arms in their formal register, a clause that Barack Obama will take full advantage of. Nations call still sell arms unless there is an “overriding” risk of human rights violations, which will be taken advantage of by terrorist nations.

Our government and the media are portraying the US as the largest arms dealers and they are insinuating we are the largest illicit arms dealers which is NOT the case.

One loophole in the treaty allows nations to ignore the treaty if they have a defense agreement with another nation. The countries who should follow the treaty have an easy-out.

If nothing else, this treaty will cost money as the U.N. tries to regulate the world arms trade.

The treaty states that there is a need to reduce sale of arms to terrorists but defines terrorists as anyone who rebels against any of their dictatorships!