NYS – The First To Lose The 2nd Amendment


NYS is putting through as many anti-gun laws as possible to eliminate New Yorkers’ 2nd Amendment rights. They do it because they think it will stop crime though the legal, registered gun owners are not the criminals committing the crimes. The non-registered gun owners are the criminals committing the crimes with rare exceptions.

The Democrats are currently pushing through a completely useless micro-stamping law, which will solve no crimes; will deface guns; will not add to the bills we currently have (and often don’t enforce) to capture criminals, but it will make guns cost prohibitive for dealers. They want to put gun sales out of business and they will follow up with more anti-gun laws. Their only goal is to eliminate the NYers 2nd Amendment rights. This bill has made it through the Assembly. Bloomberg, a strong anti-gun proponent, sent his people to speak to the Assembly the day before the vote.

Assemblyman Dan Losquadro (R C-Shoreham) stood before the NYS Assembly, presenting strong opposition to the NY gun micro-stamping bill in an effort to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of New Yorkers.

The ballistic imprinting required by the bill, mandates stamping of every semi-automatic handgun sold in New York – in other words, almost every gun. This is cost prohibitive, and limits the 2nd amendment by putting guns out of the reach of many buyers. It is easily overcome by a criminal, yet it will deface the guns of collectors. Micro-stamping makes an etching on each gun’s firing pin that creates imprints on the shell cartridge after it is fired. It is also important to note here that most crimes are not solved by ballistics.

“So-called ‘microstamping’ is simply an attempt to strip our Second Amendment rights,” said Losquadro. “To reduce gun violence, we must enforce the laws that are already on the books and stem the tide of unregistered weapons reaching the hands of criminals. Crimes committed with illegal firearms should be our focus, instead of making it harder and more costly for law-abiding citizens to protect their families and property.”

We already have a ballistics database in NY which costs us $40 million dollars a year and has not caught one criminal. We should be using the laws already on the books.

In the following video, Assemblyman Losquadro raises his concerns regarding this legislation:
-We have some of the most stringent licensing requirements in the nation
-It is a crime to deface a gun and this technology is easily defeatable.
-Competition shooters and gun collectors continually & routinely gunsmith to determine accuracies.
-Without addressing the multitude of concerns before putting this microstamping law into effect is unfathomable.

Assemblyman Losquadro is concerned that gun dealers will simply stop selling semi-automatics. He voted against the bill though it did pass.

Here is how they voted:
A01157 Votes:

BILL: A01157A DATE: 05/24/2011 MOTION: YEA/NAY: 084/055

Abbate Y Castell NO Galef Y Katz NO McKevit Y Rabbitt NO Stevens Y
Abinant Y Castro Y Gantt Y Kavanag Y McLaugh NO Raia NO Sweeney Y
Amedore NO Ceretto NO Gibson Y Kellner Y Meng Y Ramos Y Tedisco NO
Arroyo Y Clark Y Giglio NO Kirwan NO Mill D NO Reilich NO Tenney NO
Aubry Y Colton Y Glick Y Kolb NO Mill JM NO Reilly NO Thiele Y
Barclay NO Conte NO Goodell NO Lancman Y Mill MG NO Rive J Y Titone Y
Barron Y Cook Y Gottfri Y Latimer Y Millman Y Rive N Y Titus Y
Benedet Y Corwin ER Graf NO Lavine ER Molinar NO Rive PM Y Tobacco NO
Bing Y Crespo Y Gunther NO Lentol Y Montesa NO Roberts NO Weinste Y
Blanken NO Crouch NO Hanna NO Lifton Y Morelle Y Robinso Y Weisenb Y
Boyland Y Curran NO Hawley NO Linares Y Moya Y Rodrigu Y Weprin Y
Boyle NO Cusick Y Hayes NO Lope PD NO Murray NO Rosenth Y Wright Y
Braunst Y Cymbrow Y Heastie Y Lope VJ Y Nolan Y Russell Y Zebrows NO
Brennan Y DenDekk Y Hevesi ER Losquad NO Oaks NO Saladin AB Mr Spkr Y
Bronson Y Dinowit Y Hikind Y Lupardo NO O’Donne Y Sayward NO
Brook-K Y Duprey NO Hooper Y Magee NO Ortiz Y Scarbor Y
Burling NO Englebr Y Hoyt Y Magnare Y Palmesa NO Schimel Y
Butler ER Farrell Y Jacobs Y Maisel Y Paulin Y Schimmi NO
Cahill Y Finch NO Jaffee Y Malliot NO Peoples Y Schroed NO
Calhoun NO Fitzpat NO Jeffrie Y Markey Y Perry Y Simotas ER
Camara Y Friend NO Johns NO McDonou Y Pretlow Y Smardz NO
Canestr Y Gabrysz NO Jordan NO McEneny Y Ra Y Spano ER




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