DHS Is Hiding Immigration Numbers


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US sovereignty is non-existent under the open borders president. Illegal immigrants are walking across our borders and disappearing, refugees are coming in and are placed in secret, and the Department of Homeland Security is hiding the immigration data from the American people.

Illegal immigrants are now simply walking over the border according to Border agents who have been told not to even issue Notice to Appear (NTA) forms to people crossing our borders. The illegal immigrants are allowed to go wherever they want.

They used to get NTAs ordering them to court but now the Obama policy is if you get across the border, you can come into the US, collect welfare, receive medical care, and tuition for college.

A Federal appeals court just ruled that alcoholic illegal immigrants cannot be deported. We’re responsible for them too.

Mexican consulates are giving US citizenship classes to Mexican nationals who are residents and illegal immigrants, obviously with Obama’s approval, to swing our elections.

Refugees are coming in but we don’t know how many or how the screening is going or even what it entails. Refugees are not tracked once placed and no officials, even governors, even Congress, can find out who they are or where they are placed.

An article at Conservative Review Wednesday should scare people. The Department of Homeland Security has no accountability to the people and will not release immigration data.

Roughly 680,000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries have been given green cards from 2009-2013 but we have no data from 2013 on though we know there has been a surge.

Author Daniel Horowitz asked:

With evidence from Census data indicating a surge in immigration overall and a spike in immigration from the Middle East, why is it that in a first world country we don’t even know how many people have come in since the advent of ISIS?

Given the terrorism threats and the growing population from the Middle East, wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people from predominantly Muslim countries have been granted green cards over the past two years?

Given the influx of Central American illegal immigrants, shouldn’t we know how many were granted asylum and how many children were granted Special Immigrants Juvenile Status, which leads to a pathway to citizenship?

Given Obama’s unprecedented move of advertising and recruiting immigrants to become naturalized citizens last year, shouldn’t we know how many have signed up and from where they originated?

Congress has no idea who is coming in and where they are going while our borders are wide open.


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