Former Deputy CIA Director Morell Ignored Critical Benghazi Evidence, Misled Congress



Mike Morell was in charge of the CIA – intelligence – during the Benghazi attack but didn’t know enough to listen to the people on the ground about what was actually happening in Benghazi, or at least that is what he would have us believe.

Former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell admitted that he deliberately allowed Congress to reach a false conclusion about the events at Benghazi. He did so by remaining silent when Clapper was asked at the Benghazi hearing  about who changed the Talking Points. He was sitting right next to Clapper at the time.

Morell also said he never watched Susan Rice discuss the Talking Points on the Sunday after the Tuesday attack.

He’s the CIA Director and he didn’t listen to Susan Rice?

He claimed that the memo was not changed to protect Mr. Obama from backlash two months before the re-election. He would have us believe that they just happened to be changed in a way that ignored the evidence on the ground and went by the word of some bureaucrats in the White House for non-political reasons.

The White House knew within 15 minutes – according to the CIA station chief – that the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was a terror attack. No one on the ground ever said it was related to a video.

Morell said today that he took the word “Islamic” out of the Talking Points because he didn’t want to stir up passions of Islamists who were rioting about the video in other places in the world. He claimed that every change was made in accordance with what they knew at the time.

Even though the White House knew the truth within 15 minutes, President Obama told the U.N. seventeen days after this event that the attack was the result of the video. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ran ads in Pakistan apologizing for the video which actually caused riots in Pakistan.

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