George Demos’ Campaign Manager Gets Physical, Attendees Get Angry



Lee Zeldin on the left, George Demos on the right, in the sound booth at LI Radio.

George Demos has attempted to make the CD-1 congressional race into a circus. He is the perennial spoiler for Tim Bishop opponents, trying out for the job every two years since 2004. Even his campaign manager likes to add some color by literally throwing his weight around.

During the Lee Zeldin-George Demos debate last night, Demos’ campaign manager was unhappy with an attendee who went up to the glass window of the booth in the radio station, loudly expressing an opinion to a response by Demos. Instead of getting a person authorized to approach the man at the window or telling the man to step back, he grabbed him, flung him and repeatedly pushed him back into the crowd.

The police asked Demos’ manager if he touched the man and he said yes. He was then escorted away and after a discussion with the victim – a man named Joe – who agreed not to file a complaint – he apologized to Joe.

Joe came up to me later and said he felt badly. He didn’t know he couldn’t go up to the window and knew it was mostly soundproofed. He said he couldn’t take Demos lying again. It’s hard to know what the aide was thinking. It’s wrong to touch another person who hasn’t touched you.

People who had been supporters of George Demos came out in droves last night, because, as one woman named Sophia told me, “We were betrayed.” He is only coming back every two years “to damage Republicans in CD-1,” she said, “he’s a traitor.”

Sophia described herself as a conservative Republican who was once a strong advocate for George Demos, having donated to his campaign and canvassed for him.

She went on to say, “Demos’ actions have made it clear that he has no interest in putting up stakes here on Long Island. If he had, he would have purchased a home many primaries ago, and felt the pain of our property taxes. He would have sought employment within our community. Instead, he brings California democrat dollars to Long Island to smear an honorable state senator who continues to stand for our freedom and liberty.”

Another attendee, a man named Jim said, :Senator Zeldin was giving Demos such a rhetorical pounding, if it was a 10 round fight, the referee would have stepped in and stopped it in the second round. The crowd overwhelmingly supported Zeldin and became increasingly agitated every time it was mentioned Demos STILL hasn’t bought a house of paid property taxes in CD-1.”

Another interested observer named Rich said he was a registered independent. The one thing he said he can’t get over is what Demos did to a whistleblower, Peter Sivere. “It’s a serious character flaw and unforgivable.” Rich “will vote for Bishop if Demos turns out to be the Republican candidate” though he’d prefer to vote for Lee Zeldin.

One man called out in a frustrated manner over the whistleblower Mr. Demos ratted out.

If you are unfamiliar with the whistleblower incident, this interview with an investigative reporter on the case explains it quite well:

For those with a sense of humor, the following is dedicated to George Demos’ campaign manager aka security guard wannabe:

The video of the debate:


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