Giuliani: Obama ‘Doesn’t Express the Love Of America’ or of “Western Civilization’- Video


Rudy on Obama

Barack Obama doesn’t love America, at least not traditional America. He wants to fundamentally transform it, not because he loves it but because he doesn’t.

Obama was brought up more as a foreigner than an American. He went from a communist family and mentor in Hawaii – far removed from the mainland – to Indonesia. He had a Muslim stepfather and a mother who eventually divorced him for getting involved in business.

His pastor was a Marxist – a black liberationist.

His past is not of a typical American.

The State Department said today that Obama loves America. You can take that to a bank!

Rudy spoke at a fundraiser for Scott Walker Wednesday evening in which he said Barack Obama criticizes America much more than other American presidents. He’s more of a critic than a supporter, Rudy said. He doesn’t express that kind of love we’re used to hearing from a president.

Barack Obama doesn’t express a love of Western civilization either.

Rudy went on to the reasons we need to call ISIS and other terrorists, Islamic extremists. When you don’t call it what it is, :you sound like you’re living on Mars,” he said.

In the following video on Thursday the day after the fundraiser, he walked it back a bit and said he’s not questioning Barack Obama’s patriotism.


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