Government Redistributed $1 Million Tax Dollars to Prisoners – Nice!


Prisoner Holding social security check

Satirical photo of prisoner holding a Social Security check

Incarcerated criminals are not eligible for Social Security benefits but that doesn’t stop them from collecting and it doesn’t stop the Social Security Administration (SSA) from giving it to them apparently.

It’s a great way to redistribute wealth! Any way to distribute wealth is just marvelous.

For all those prisoners too enfeebled to rob liquor stores, this is a great service. Think of all the killers who are aging out of their careers!

An Inspector General report revealed that we generously gave away about a million dollars in tax money to 440 prisoners for disability payments they are not eligible to receive.

They’re in jail! The government is in control of them! How is it no one knew this!

The Social Security Administration gave roughly 317 prisoners about $879,000 in disability insurance, and 123 more were paid $143,000 despite the SSA having suspended their benefits. A total of $1,022,000 erroneous payments were made.

How do suspended benefits get paid out? Oh, I know, they probably used the techs.

The IG was able to crosscheck recipients with the Prisoner Update Processing System to make this discovery so why couldn’t anyone else? Is anyone in charge?

Personally, I think the government is just too darn big.

Read more at the Washington Free Beacon


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