Guess What a New Liberal Gun Poll Says About Gun Laws


A new poll by two liberal entities, the Washington Post and ABC News, finds that 63 percent of adults say mass shootings are more a reflection of problems identifying and treating people with mental illness. Only 23 percent say that the shootings are more a result of inadequate gun control laws.

There are sharp partisan divisions on the question: 82 percent of Republicans point to mental health over gun laws, compared to 65 percent of independents and 46 percent of Democrats.

Separately, slightly more adults in the poll say protecting gun rights should be a higher priority than new gun laws, at 47 percent to 46 percent Republicans tend to say mental health reform can help solve mass shootings, while Democrats say gun control is needed but that shouldn’t stop a mental health bill that could do some good in its own right.

That will likely change in the future as more and more future Democrat voters immigrate to the United States.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has made gun control a priority in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 and has also co-sponsored a mental health reform bill.

Some of the reform measures go too far and of course he believes he has to create yet another new government position.

He would create a new assistant secretary to oversee mental health, provide grants for early intervention of children, relax HIPAA privacy laws, and remove rules that keep Medicare and Medicaid patients from using physical and mental health services in the same place and on the same day [an absurd law to begin with].

A more controversial provision involves Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), where a judge can order someone with mental illness to follow a treatment plan. Are we going to jail people who don’t? Institutionalize them? What will the criteria be?

Murphy helped pass a law that prohibited guns with two features that made them look scary, calling them assault weapons.  He’s clueless about guns.


We can’t let anyone take away our inherent rights. It’s especially important to note that none of the laws they want to pass will do anything to change violence in America and most people know it. Only 23% think the laws are the problem. Obviously, the problem is largely untreated or improperly handled mental illness.

A woman just this week used a car to kill four people and critically injure another five. She appears to be mentally ill. Shall we pass laws prohibiting the use of vehicles by anyone with any mental illness or how about we limit the size of cars we drive or the speed so that it would be impossible to run people over.

Our rights come from God or in the least, they are inherent and they don’t come from the government. “The Second Amendment is there so you and I can protect our homes, our families, our children and our lives, and it’s also ‘there as a fundamental check on government tyranny” and that is “not subject to public opinion polls, it’s subject to the express protections of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution,” Sen. Cruz explained to one journalist who didn’t understand the issue.


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