Half of Illinois’ Medicaid Recipients Shouldn’t Be Getting Benefits!



Cartoon photo of the Democratic ‘jackass stuck in a hole’ with the slogan, ‘Democrats, Change That Matters’

Illinois, a bastion of liberalism, has widespread fraud and abuse in its Medicaid program. Who would have thought that a liberal state would have a dysfunctional Medicaid program. Shocking!

They will do equally well with Obamacare, count on it.

It seems half of the people enrolled in Medicaid don’t belong there and two-thirds of them either received inappropriate benefits or shouldn’t have received any at all. A recent audit showed that out of roughly 712 thousand people enrolled in Medicaid,  357 thousand, or about half of them, shouldn’t have received benefits.

They have been throwing so many people on the Medicaid roles so quickly that the applicants weren’t properly vetted.

Another big government success.

Full story at kmov


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