If You Thought Obama Suddenly Grew Cojones , Think Again


People wondered about Obama’s schizophrenic Iran-Yemen policy – working with Iran in Iraq and planning out a joke of a nuclear deal with them on the one hand, yet assisting Saudi Arabia as they bomb Iran’s Houthi rebels in Yemen on the other. Obama has just clarified his position. He will take no action against Iran anywhere.

Obama has chosen sides and it’s not with our allies.

As seven or eight Iranian vessels steam towards Yemen, purportedly with arms for Houthis, the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Normandy were allegedly steaming toward the waters off Yemen to beef up security and join other American ships to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen, the Associated Press reported.

The not so shocking update from the administration is the ships are not going to block the eight Iranian vessels which are likely carrying arms for Houthis.

The Pentagon says the American warship USS Theodore Roosevelt is “repositioning” as part of a security operation at sea, and not to intercept Iranian vessels off the coast of Yemen.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said the Roosevelt is ”repositioning to conduct maritime security operations.”

The guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy escorted the ship to keep the “lanes safe”.

It gets worse, Barack Obama is now telling Saudi Arabia to not be too tough in Yemen, and, immediately after that and after Obama’s administration said the warships are not pursuing Iranian arms vessels, the Saudis – seemingly without warning – ceased their “Decisive Storm” air campaign. They claim they achieved their objectives. They are now going to engage in a “political process” to achieve their goal of reinstating the deposed president of Yemen.

Rouhani has been mocking Saudi Arabia as failures with dashed dreams in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

“All the failures have accumulated and caused mental and emotional imbalance for that country,” Rouhani said.

Saudi Arabia is now engaged in operation “Renewal of Hope” because the civilians are no longer in danger from Houthis, Saudi Arabia says. [Update: 04/21/15: The airstrikes resumed today after rebels captured a military brigade.]

It’s a miracle!

Our presence in the Gulf is meaningless because Obama won’t do anything. He has drawn another red line he will not hold to. He is sending yet another message that we will do nothing.

Obama is shilling for Iran.

And those Iranian ships carrying weapons? Is there any doubt we will let them pass?

Go to 04:25 to hear Lt. Col. Peters take on the situation.

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