Is Abortion Barbie Appropriate for the Girl Scout’s Woman of the Year? Update


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The Huffington Post tweeted their 25 favorites for the Girl Scouts’ Woman of the Year 2013 in response to the Girl Scouts Organization’s tweet asking for recommendations. The Girl Scouts then retweeted Huff Po’s list asking if anyone wanted to add to the list.

On the Huff Po list were air-headed entertainers, one token Fox News TV host, the courageous Afghan – Malala Yousafzai, LGBT’s, Plan B (that’s right, the abortifacient pill), Gloria Steinem, and Abortion Barbie – Wendy Davis. Their favorites lean heavily on the side of advocates for far-left causes including late-term abortions.

Abortion in the case of a woman’s life, rape, incest at anytime and within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy for any reason is where we were when Roe v. Wade first passed. It has since morphed into abortion until 12 weeks to 28 weeks, depending on the state, though we know there are unethical doctors and clinics who perform abortions up until birth.

Doctors like Kermit Gosnell kill babies after birth but the media ignores those cases.

Wendy Davis believes that women have the right to kill a full-term baby up to the moment of birth if they feel like it. It’s a despicable notion to most people. I’d like to see people sent to jail for it. If people can go to jail for throwing cigarette butts out a car window in Illinois or for dog fighting in Virginia, why are they allowed to kill full-term babies?

Don’t people look at sonograms? Do people have no knowledge of the fact that a baby at 20 weeks is viable and can feel pain? Do women have a special right to kill a baby because s/he has not passed through the canal when the only difference between the unborn and the born is a matter of geography?

Huff Po sent a tweet which referred the Girl Scouts to their favorites list and the Girl Scouts retweeted it as if the list is acceptable:

Huff Po recs

Tweet via Life News

Is our society so sick that we laud a woman who makes her bones by promoting late-term abortions? The answer appears to be yes.

Hopefully the Girl Scouts won’t pick Wendy and will go for Malala Yousafzai or someone of equal caliber, but who knows.

According to Snopes, the Girl Scouts assert that the national organization “maintains a neutral position on abortion and birth control,” but local chapters have autonomy and may partner with outside groups in covering the issues:

‘In some areas of the country, Girl Scout troops or groups may choose to hold discussions about human sexuality and may choose to collaborate with a local organization that specializes in these areas [such as Planned Parenthood],” said the GSUSA in a statement. “The topic is discussed from a factual, informative point of view and does not include advocacy or promotion of any social or religious perspective.’

The Girl Scouts can’t help it if they receive recommendations for Woman of the Year that are radical though they did seem to favor it and some chapters of the Girl Scouts are overtly ‘liberal,’ if we define ‘liberal’ as approving of late-term abortions. Click here to look at some of the links that caused pro-lifers to become concerned about the Girl Scouts.

Some chapters do indeed collaborate with Planned Parenthood, the dark lord of abortions, an organization known for sexualizing young boys and girls.

Be careful when and if you sign your child up for the Scouts. It is not reliably wholesome and all-American. It depends on who is running the chapter you are considering. Know your chapter!


Update: One commenter made the following statement which is well worth reading: All local councils are affiliated with the national organization (GSUSA), and every Girl Scout is a registered member of GSUSA. There are problems at every level of the organization — local (councils), national (GSUSA), and international (WAGGGS) — and girls are counted in the memberships of each of these levels, which provides funding as well.

Please visit for examples of these concerns from Girl Scouts’ own currently available materials, compiled by the mom of a former 4th generation Girl Scout. Also consider that there are wonderful alternative organizations, like American Heritage Girls (, that offer all the positives families expect from scouting without any moral conflicts.


Other Source: Snopes

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