Islamic State Is Here – Want to Know What They Do There to Little Girls?



A UN envoy recently interviewed girls as young as five who had been gang raped and one woman who had been married to 20 ISIS fighters and forced to undergo surgery each time to restore her virginity. Read on.

Barack Obama doesn’t talk about the genocide being committed by IS/ISIL/ISIS because it won’t play into his narrative which is that the U.S. must retreat from the world and become a socialist state domestically. He also doesn’t care.

The horrors that are going on could be stopped by the U.S. but we won’t.

While Obama and Hillary whine about the faux war on women in the United States, the real war on women is taking place throughout the world as we stand idly by. How dare these leftists bemoan the fate of women here in the United States when they have so much.

People keep demonizing Pamela Geller for bringing the terrorist threat to the fore – people on both sides. They care less about the fact that the terrorists were going to kill the people at the event for exercising free speech and do so over cartoons.

They’ve already won when Americans can take that path and actually defend it.

On Greta van Susteren’s show last night, one of her guests referred to the two terrorists in Garland as “gentlemen”. The AP complained that Geller didn’t care that two lives were lost – two terrorists’ lives.

This is the evil of PC. It warps one’s thinking. It’s mindless, without morals, and it ignores common sense. It destroys free speech.

Remember when the United States stood for freedom? We stand for nothing now.

Read about the people that so many feel they must defend.

Daily Mail reported that ISIS is kidnapping and buying children as young as five to use as sex slaves. When girls become pregnant, they are sent home where they are shunned. In other stories, babies are said to be raped and tortured.

One sex slave was forced to marry 20 ISIS fighters and made to undergo surgery each time to make her a “virgin” again.

Girls are stripped naked and then categorized for sale and shipment.

In February it was reported militants fighting in Syria were seeking medical attention to improve their sexual prowess and subjecting their wives to ‘brutal, abnormal’ sex acts, according to local doctors.

Zainab Bangura, a UN special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, travelled to five countries and interviewed dozens of women and young girls who had survived brutal sexual abuse.

Women and girls are at risk and under assault at every point of their lives,” Bangura said, adding that this kind of violent treatment of women was actually encouraged as part of jihad.

“ISIL has institutionalized sexual violence and the brutalization of women as a central aspect of their ideology and operations, using it as a tactic of terrorism to advance their key strategic objectives.”

“Horror and violence followed the girls “every step of the way…in the midst of active conflict, in areas under control of armed actors, at check-points and border crossings, and in detention facilities,” according to Bangura.

“Militants even use trafficking, prostitution and ransom plots as a way to raise money,” she added.

IS uses sex abuse as a way to punish, humiliate, demoralize and dislocate local populations.

Abortions have been reported on girls as young as nine.

In April, when 200 were released, the stories were harrowing from women and children being gang raped in public and tortured.

One Yazidi woman was raped 30 times in a few hours.

This video of IS militants laughing and joking over Yazidi sex slaves is for information purposes.

They claim it’s God’s law but of course Islam has nothing to do with it.