Islamic Terrorists Kill, Gouge Out Eyes as Obama Votes ‘Present’



Victims of Boko Haram, who are committing genocide against Christians and other ‘infidels’

Barack Obama will not name, list or recognize terrorist groups even as they slit throats, gouge out eyes, and kill more than 12,000 people.

In order to not attract attention of armed forces with gunfire, the terrorist network, Boko Haram, the Nigerian Taliban, has taken to slitting throats and torturing their victims. They killed 35 in Dumba, Nigeria Tuesday night and gouged out the eyes of 9 survivors.

Boko Haram translates into ‘Western education is sinful.’  Anyone who thinks they are not a threat to US interests should just translate their name.

Since 2009, the group has targeted violent attacks against Nigeria’s police, politicians, public institutions and civilian population. They have killed more than 1700 innocent villagers in Nigeria in recent days.

The death toll of those murdered by Boko Haram has passed 12,000, but did you know that the Obama administration refuses to recognize them as a terrorist organization?

When Congress attempted to pass a bill declaring the group a foreign terrorist organization in May of last year, the State Department lobbied Congress against it.

Why would State lobby against adding this terrorist group to the terror list?

A senior State Department official said the department was “very concerned about violence in Nigeria” and added that it was “looking at this very carefully.”

The official insisted the department was “not stalling or dragging our feet.” But he noted that adding a group to the sanctions list is a “rigorous process which has to stand up in a court of law.”

Congress also demanded that the Pakistan-based militant group linked to the Taliban known as the Haqqani Network be added to the foreign terrorist organization list. The administration didn’t want any part of that. Some think it is because the US will use them to negotiate away Afghanistan.

All of these groups have forged alliances with international terror groups including the Islamic Maghreb, and because of that they pose a serious threat to US interests.

Boko Haram’s leader Abubaker Shekau said this:

For this fact, where ever you are, you should know that it is not an ethnic war, it is not an ignorant war, it is not a war for money, it is not a war for any other reason. No, it is a religious war! This war is not meant to end in either a day, a week, or a year, but the end of this war is when we are all dead, the whole of us, and none of us is left to continue the war or it is the religion that will dictate what is to be done and this may decipher the end of the war…This is a war against Muslims and infidels. Yes! And we are ever ready to face any one that will take any step against us, be it individuals, group of persons or government or whoever may be, because we know those we aim at in this war. Therefore, we are warning every Muslim that adherents of Islam under no grounds should help any infidel in this war. If, by any chance, any Muslim helps any infidel in this war he should know that he is a dead person, yes!

They fully intend to spread Sharia law throughout the world.

Jake Tapper reported that the administration has still not listed Boko Haram as a terror group but they ‘are deeply concerned.’

If the Obama administration won’t even recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, how can we expect him to make any right decisions? Maybe if we refuse to recognize the problem it will go away.

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