It Pays to Be a Rat, Just Ask George Demos


Rudy Giuliani is appearing in ads promoting George Demos for Congress in which he says that we shouldn’t believe those negative comments made about George Demos.

Which ones should we not believe?

The one about him betraying a whistleblower he was supposed to protect? That’s a fact, so we have to believe that one.

Though Demos denied it at first, he doesn’t any longer. He literally ratted the man out and cost him his job. He even blasted his name on his congressional website to cause him further harm.

George Demos and Rudy Giuliani

How about the comments made accusing him of being funded by California far-left liberals? We have to believe those comments because he is unquestionably funded by his wife’s far-left family. His father-in-law is in business with Nancy Pelosi’s husband, which is why Demos has been nicknamed a Pelosi-Republican.

Demos is attempting to buy the election and has millions set aside for this run.

Maybe we shouldn’t believe he is a carpetbagger? How about the fact that he won’t debate Lee Zeldin? We know those are both true.  He is a carpetbagger and he won’t debate Zeldin.

Should we believe he is anything other than a liar? He said Lee voted for ObamaCare. Lee did not vote for ObamaCare, period! He couldn’t vote federally and he didn’t vote on the state level because Cuomo put the exchanges through unilaterally with an executive order.


Rudy Giuliani is someone I do like but where does he get his information on George Demos? Could it be from his friends Rob Cole and Jake Menges who own InField Consulting, a firm hired by George Demos? Giuliani is a client of InField Consulting.  Menges was the City Council liaison for Mayor Giuliani and worked on his 2008 presidential run. Cozy, huh?

I’d also like to know why a man – George Demos – who only lives on Long Island when an election is coming up AND why another man – Rudy Giuliani – who has nothing to do with Long Island, are even remotely involved in our elections much less trying to decide them.

When Randy Altschuler was running for the same congressional seat, he bought a home in Smithtown and his wife set up a practice in Mt. Sinai. Over-and-over, Demos ran ads ripping into him for being, among other things, a carpetbagger. How ironic! George rents a one-bedroom apartment here every two years and he doesn’t have a job on Long Island. He hasn’t worked in a year. He doesn’t need to. He married into the rich Democratic fundraising family I just mentioned.

It’s hard to understand how Rudy Giuliani, a former law enforcement officer himself, could support a man like George Demos who is known as a rat by a renowned Bloomberg reporter (03:00 on the tape below).

Eliot Spitzer said this about Demos: he is a man who “broke the most fundamental confidence he has been given.”

Both were astounded that Demos was running for Congress and yet, here we are again and it is still astounding.