Jon Hammar to Be Released Today – Update, He’s Free



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Olivia Hammar, mother of retired Marine, confirmed to a Fox radio station that Jon Hammar, who is being held on bogus charges in a Mexican prison, has confirmed that a judge found in his favor and he is expected to be released today.

Update: 12:24 pm

Jon Hammar’s father is driving to the border to pick him up.

FoxNewsLatino is reporting that the judge ordered his immediate release and that he has been released.

“We are so very grateful with all of the people that have been working on his release,” said Hammar’s close friend, Jessica Fernandez. “Our voices were heard.”

With all the misery in the news, this is one small miracle.

Update: 19:36: Jon Hammar is still in the prison while paperwork is being completed. He wants his grandfather’s rifle back before he leaves the prison.

Jon Hammar’s father is on the border waiting for his son. He spoke with his son who said he was being processed.

This family has been going through this since August. The parents have had to pay lawyers tens of thousands of dollars.

Jon Hammar is free and back safely on US soil. They must have been doing the paperwork on a Commodore 64.


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