Kerry’s Watered Down Genocide Declaration Against Christians


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry listens to a question during a joint news conference with Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London

The declaration of genocide by ISIS against Christians was so carefully worded and so watered down that it has no substance, no purpose, and it won’t mean a fig.

The administration was finally embarrassed into declaring ISIS’ abuse of Christians, Yazidis and others as genocide but they added hundreds of millions of Shia Muslims who are engaged in a Civil War to dilute the impact. By doing this, the administration doesn’t have to help the Christians and Yazidis.

Christians are suffering genocide at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and many others, Lt. Col. Peters said.

The world has a history of doing nothing even when the genocide is in our faces.

There won’t be any preferential treatment and consideration for refugee status because they included hundreds of millions of Shias whose situation is quite different. It was all part of the plan.

As Peters says in the video, the administration probably doesn’t see Christians as having a right to be in the Middle East.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said, “My belief now is that the government still doesn’t have much sympathy for the destruction of 2,000 years of Christian civilization in the Middle East. You’ve got to really parse this statement. Now the administration was shamed into this, they were forced into accepting this obvious genocide as genocide.”

It goes further than a lack of empathy, the administration hates Christians. They still blame them for the Crusades though evidence proves otherwise.



  1. Historically the West has been very slack when it comes to giving aid to Eastern Christians. The Byzantines pretty much had to fend for themselves up until around 1040 AD, the Roman Church didn’t consider the Orthodox and other Eastern Churches to be Christian. As a result, the Mohamedans were able to chip away at the Christian nations of the near East and once Constantinople fell Islam became the predominant ideology of the region.

    Kerry’s lukewarm concern for the Christians of the near East who find themselves oppressed by their Islamic rulers is merely a continuation of Western civilization’s folly when it comes to not aligning themselves with those who would be our natural allies. Kerry is also committing the same folly when it comes to our Jewish ally, Israel.

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