Land Developers, Babylon Town Plan to Evict Seniors and Disabled Poor


Alexis Gadsden

Photo credit: Newsday/Danielle Finkelstein | Alexis Gadsden stands on the lawn of her North Amityville home, overlooking the 50-year-old mobile home park directly across the street. Gadsden and other residents are worried about a planned development that will replace the mobile home park with 500 new apartments. (April 10, 2012)

Land grabbers and the politicians who love them are alive and well! They can go about their business using climate change, health, safety and the UN ICLEI movement as an excuse for taking peoples’ property and using it for the ‘common good.’ As chance would have it, these humanitarians stand to gain a great deal as they go about the business of promoting the ‘common good.’

A land developer – R Squared Real Estate Partners of Plainview – has a Babylon tax abatement deal to demolish a North Amityville mobile home park and replace it with sustainable, smart apartments and stores.

The people who live in the park have nowhere to go but what does it matter when the ruling class from Babylon town merges with their wealthy friends in land development?

There are lawsuits against the developer but he is doing exactly what was done in Huntington with their Avalon Bay development – he’s building it anyway. After all, the developer will save $12 million a year for 10 years thanks to his political friends in the Babylon town.

R Squared – sister company to Rechler Equity Partners – will build 500 apartments with retail space. There are 300 mobile homes where they plan to build and many are OWNED by the residents who only pay $600 in rent to stay on the property. Many of the homes can’t be moved.

We can’t have it! It’s not a money maker! Yes, they are mostly seniors and disabled but they’ve had their day. They don’t matter any longer in our new sophisticated society. We now recognize death panels in land development apparently.

The Town officials are ready to back up the land deal under the blight law – they will condemn the property as unhealthy and unsafe if the property isn’t brought up to some unaffordable level or if it isn’t redeveloped by their cronies. Guess who will win? You only have one guess.

The developers are investing $120 million into kicking these people out of their homes and putting in yet another sustainable community where one can shop and dwell without having to get in a car.

The victims of this who live in the park will receive the whopping sum of $20,000 over the course of three years. Obviously, the $120 million investment doesn’t have much of a budget code for them.

The park’s civic association has three lawsuits going before Justice Joseph Pastoressa in NYS Supreme Court to stop construction before the cases are decided.

HUD is looking around for a place to relocate the victims. I’m sure it will be lovely!

The victims could be given apartments in this new community which is being built for the health and safety of Long Islanders but they just don’t have enough money to pay the rent! The community must have ‘affordable’ apartments for the poor and it is perplexing as to why these victims aren’t being considered for the ‘affordable’ apartments.

Linda Kavun, a resident and her husband, Ed, a retired veteran, invested $10,000 in their home and lived in the park for 15 years. They live off social security and disability. Mrs. Kavin said, “We had no intention of going anywhere and we have no money to go anywhere.”

Hey, Mrs. Kavun, you are standing in the way of progress! There are people trying to get rich here! Seniors and the disabled have been sentenced by the land development-Babylon town death panel. It’s over.

Isn’t it coincidental how this fits into President Obama’s new neighborhood mapping plan which is a social engineering scheme he put forward only weeks ago. He wants to map every neighborhood in the nation and have the government redistribute the community resources. You can just see from this how well it is going to work!

This kind of thing is happening all over Long Island! It is NOT an isolated incident.

If you are concerned about what is going on in Long Island, contact:

Mary Calamia
Executive Director
Long Island Matters
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Source: Newsday