Latest News About ISIS Camps Near El Paso, Secret FBI Meeting to Stop the Leaks


Newsmax interview with Chris Farrell

Recently, Judicial Watch (JW) received confirmation from Mexican intelligence and military sources that ISIS had two camps in Mexico, a mere eight miles from El Paso. ISIS also has spotters in New Mexico according to their reports. JW subsequently learned that Obama’s minions held a meeting in the Mexican consulate to find ways to stop the leaks.

Newsmax spoke to one of Judicial Watch’s investigative reporters and to Chris Farrell of JW DC as well as former Newsday left-wing reporter Ellis Henican.

Chris Farrell said the meeting in Mexico was to work out a strategy to knock down JW’s exposé and also to find out who was providing the information to them.

In disbelief, Henican asked if JW is claiming that the U.S. government knows ISIS is eight miles from our border but is doing nothing about it.

Farrell responded by saying that the U.S. doesn’t do much about the world’s most violent cartels engaging in violence and drug trafficking at our border either.

Unbelievably, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was not invited to the meeting, Farrell said. Judicial Watch called and asked why they weren’t invited and a DHS representative said that they didn’t know about the meeting but they’d check.

Henican again asked if he was to believe no action was bring taken by our government.

Farrell said that as part of a joint Army-police operation, the Mexicans uncovered the camps and a plan concerning Fort Bliss. Action is being taken by Mexicans and the FBI is aware of this.

JW is convinced the reports are accurate because they come from long-term, reliable sources who have a history of providing high-level intelligence. They have done so at risk to their own lives.

There have been numerous and recent arrests throughout the United States of individuals with ties to terror and Chris Farrell wants to know why it’s so shocking to find out that there is a safe haven near the United States from which they can launch attacks.

Farrell was asked if JW is concerned that the feds might take action against JW. Farrell seems unconcerned and said  it would be foolish for the feds to attack a watchdog operation acting lawfully – an organization of journalists.

Henican accused JW of being a conservative outfit.

JW is not a conservative organization and as Farrell said, they sued the Bush administration over 300 times.


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