Massachusetts Votes for More Taxes!


ed markey

Photo of backroom dealer, Ed Markey

The one-Party state of Massachusetts voted for yet another Democrat Tuesday, Senator-elect Ed Markey, a backroom dealing party hack, over Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez, who was attacked relentlessly with Markey’s lying ads. Hours later, Massachusetts got a new tax hike of $500 million to include new taxes on gasoline and cigarettes (using gas and smoking are all sins and need to be taxed).

Gov. Deval Patrick has been holding out for  $1.9 billion in new taxes to include a hike in state income taxes from 5.25% to 6.25%. Patrick would apply $1 billion to transportation.

Patrick might live with the meager sum of $500 million until he can get his next tax increase which should be right after this one is approved.

Ironically, the senate seat filled was John Kerry’s, the senator who docked his boat in Rhode Island – until he got caught – to avoid Massachusett’s prohibitive taxes.

The paltry number of Republicans in the state (9%) and right-leaning Independents did not come out for Gomez because he wasn’t Conservative enough so they now have tax-happy, rubber stamp, Ed Markey.

Full story of the taxes at myfoxboston


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