Massive UN Global Tax Coming In December


Update: Reuters is reporting that the carbon pricing panel is elusive and won’t be part of this year’s summit.

Dr. Ben Carson told Glenn Beck on his radio show today that if the UN continues as it is, the US must stop funding it. It’s not clear if he knew the UN is planning to launch a global tax on carbon at the global warming summit in December.


The UN global leaders are planning to tax carbon worldwide. This is a very serious attack on our sovereignty and our freedoms.

They hope to put a price on carbon in the name of global warming. It will be a massive redistribution of wealth out of the United States to the UN who will then mete it out according to their socialist values.

This is similar to cap&trade worldwide but much worse and once our president gets us into it and it becomes an integrated world system, we will never get out. When countries become used to living off us, they won’t give it up. That’s how welfare works.

This global tax is their “incentive” to get us to stop using energy, the energy that has made us successful, so we can turn over our money – the tax – to dictators and statists who have run their countries into the ground, but Barack Obama will tell us it’s the right thing to do in the war we are fighting against an imaginary enemy.

A Carbon Pricing Panel has been convened by they World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde along with the OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria.

This demand came on the first day of the last round of negotiations in advance of the Paris climate talks in December. The group says we need to do it for a low carbon, productive, competitive economy of the future.


The pricing panel includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, French President François Hollande, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Philippines President Benigno Aquino III, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Governor Jerry Brown of California, and Mayor Eduardo Paes of Rio de Janeiro.

Jerry Brown? He’s out of his mind and he’s destroying California.

They’re all Socialists and worse.

“There has never been a global movement to put a price on carbon at this level and with this degree of unison. It marks a turning point from the debate on the economic systems needed for low carbon growth to the implementation of policies and pricing mechanisms to deliver jobs, clean growth and prosperity,” World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said. “

That is patently untrue. This will cost jobs, raise prices, but mostly on Americans.

There is little doubt that our left-wing president will embrace it but he will start slow. This plan will raise gas and oil prices at a time he wants fossil fuels eliminated. He has made it clear he wants high energy prices so his solar and wind looks more inviting.

Keep in mind that Obama has already made it clear that this is one treaty that will not be passed through Congress. It will be called an agreement to avoid any constitutional conflict and with a weak Congress, he will get away with it.

Angela Merkel, a leader of the panel, said, “Carbon pricing makes investments in low-carbon or carbon-free technologies attractive and ensures that fossil fuels are used efficiently.”

The global government will decide how fossil fuels are used. Forget sovereignty.

Angela Merkel grew up in Communist East Germany and recently asked Mark Zuckerman to censor so-called anti-immigration “hate groups” on Facebook. She is also the person who persecutes people who try to home school their children away from government schools. She is destroying her own culture by taking in up to a million-and-a-half muslim refugees in one year who are supposed to provide the labor their declining population can’t.

More than 40,000 government representatives will attend this summit and Obama plans to come back with major changes. They are looking to put this on an accelerated path.

From the summit website: The stakes are high: the aim is to reach for the first time, a universal, legally binding agreement that will enable us to combat climate change effectively and boost the transition towards resilient, low-carbon societies and economies.

This is tailor-made for a Marxist who wants to tax us into a Socialist utopia and an entitled statist world that will gladly take our money to make it happen. A “legally binding agreement”, which is normally a treaty, will make it difficult for the US to extricate ourselves from it without a strong leader and that can’t be one of the go along to get along candidates who does not have the forward vision to see where we are being led.


There are leaders in this country already proposing a carbon tax as a way to sneak this in. Governor Jay Inslee in Washington is one. He’s starting out by demanding the largest industries pay for every ton of CO2 they release. It’s a liberal climate change-friendly state and there is contempt for corporations. Washington is the perfect launch pad. Governor Brown has recommended a tax on fuel but it’s actually a carbon tax.

High taxation makes people poor and drives them into the urban areas where the jobs are. The government will keep us poor, stupid, and obedient to them in the end.


In 2012, Biden suggested a global minimum tax on overseas profits and he was willing to give the UN the power to collect and disseminate the funds. George Soros’ Center for American Progress wants a UN global tax for climate. The U.N. also wants a tax on international financial transactions. Pope Francis has called for a global tax to fund the faux global warming crisis. There will be no end to the taxation.

This is right up Hillary Clinton’s proverbial alley also. We all know how foreign governments have returned her favors.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (L) listens as Illinois Senator Barack Obama (R) makes a point during the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 23 July 2007 at the Citadel Military College in Charleston, South Carolina. The first CNN/YouTube debate is billed as a bid to ditch stale, staged showdowns for an edgy and risky leap into cyberspace. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: DEC048

We had a hint of how Obama will go this past April when he asked for $2 billion to fund Central America’s clean energy initiative.

“We have to keep investing in clean energy that combats climate change. Uh…the United States is today leading this global effort along with many of you. agh…I should point out that America’s carbon pollution is near its lowest level in two decades. Across the Americas we have the opportunity to expand our clean energy partnerships and increase our investments in renewables,” Obama said


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6 years ago

These countries should be paying us for all of our tax dollars spent on wars around the world they owe us MONEY plus don’t forget Foreign Aid that’s tax dollars also! Bill all countries for the illegals we have here giving them health care, food, clothing, etc. the WORLD owes US!

Naveen from Chennai India
Naveen from Chennai India
6 years ago

Well, my American friends are then making a mistake voting for Bernie. As he like Pope francis is also i this Carbon tax. If good sense prevail among American people then we will get a GOP in the white house

Charles Abbinanti
Charles Abbinanti
6 years ago

I said it before, and I`l say it again. Get the hell out of the UN and kick them out . Were still a great nation and we can do without them , and if they don`t like it , to damn bad. I think its time that congress grows a pair and show the world who we really are. I don`t understand Carson saying that once were in it its hard to get out. The first thing is to not get into it period. Refuse, refuse , refuse, as many times as it takes.

Sara Noble
Sara Noble
6 years ago

Dr Carson didn’t say that. It was my supposition. Sorry if I confused things.