Matt Bevin Tells the EPA to ‘Pound Sand’


Matt Bevin

The new governor of Kentucky – a Conservative Republican – will tell the EPA to pound sand. He said he is a strict Constitutionalist and he will not allow Barack Obama to destroy the coal industry in Kentucky. One of the most powerful weapons he has as governor, he said is the Tenth Amendment.

The powers not given to the Federal government are the province of the States, he continued. These cases always come down on the side of the States.

Never in the history of the world, has there been such a demand for coal and Kentucky is sitting on an abundance of it. He will tell the EPA and other unelected officials who have no authority over Kentucky as a state to ‘pound sand’, Bevin said.

They have no legal authority and all they can do is sue and in the meantime, Kentucky will do what it wants, Benin told Glenn Beck on Friday.




    • The more Matt Bevin talks the more I hate him. He’s my worst nightmare and will ruin Kentucky and make life even more miserable for the poor, sick, and really everyone except the corrupt coal mine operators, the rich and the so-called religious Christians. I hate everything about him and loath his policies.

      • Elizabeth, from where do you derive your money? Unless you work for some governmental entity, pretty much every job in this country is dependent on power. And coal is the most cost effective power source we have at this time.

        • Neosteeled, get your facts right. Natural gas is the cheapest or least expensive source of power. And, And, it’s less polluting thank Kentucky coal. You want clean burning coal, move to Wyoming.

    • Bevin is referring to strip mining, and if he ignores the EPA a lot of Kentucky nature and wildlife will be destroyed. The EPA has succeeded in making Mountain Top removal more difficult for Coal Companies. I understand that Coal is THE Industry in Eastern and Western Kentucky and I understand that a lot of people depend on these jobs, but Coal companies do it because it’s cheap. Why dig tunnels when you can blow up the whole damn thing and pick the pieces up? Well there are plenty of reasons but it comes down to the fact that ignoring what the EPA is trying to preserve will cause more harm than good.

  1. The EPA is loaded with Marxists who want to bring down Capitalism. We need a President who will eliminate the D.C. bureaucracy including the EPA, Dept. of Education, and Dept. of Energy. All of these functions would be better run at the state level. Congratulations to Kentucky’s new governor. Too bad they can’t vote again on Mitch McConnell.

  2. Congrats on being third Republican elected to KY as Governor since I was a child . This state is so corupt in the political establishment in your largest city that they break the laws blatantly, the KRStatues and make comments such as they do not care what the State law states I will do what I want know matter the law states. This is corruption to the highest degree all the way to the mayors office. investigations that took 3 months of taxpayers money ,disappearing depositions, coercion of customers, and employees threats and illegally tapping phones and hacking into computers and disruption of businesses. If that is Business as usual I appologize , but I would better think we as citizens would like brick and mortor companies to QUIT MOVING TO INDIANA ,AND KEEP PAYING JOBS HERE TO PAY THIS CITYS NEED FOR REVENUE, BUSINESS CANNOT continue picking up the burdon. please call me if you would like to here the facts . 59 and a concerned businessman. I like the pound sand you are the right man for this states governor CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AN THIS STATE UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WILL NEVER WORK.

  3. Bevin’s positions here are laughable – the only way Bevin’s policies might impact coal is if he could double the price of oil from $45 a barrel to $90 a barrel, increase natgas prices from about $2.25 per million BTU to 2005 levels of over $15 and create a demand for metallurgical coal produced by E. KY (the last mine in Letcher County closed because of a glut in met coal). Devil’s in the details, Matt – and you can’t handle the truth. It’s why and how Republicans sold a Cargo Cult to E. KY about how Bevin and Republicans would help coal miners. They won’t.

    • Don’t care about KY coal, myself. I care about the sentiment. The Constitution did not grant Congress the power to delegate legislative authority, and the alphabet soup of agencies is way out of control. It’s time for some hard push-back on that. To the tune of politely but firmly escorting those who attempt to enforce illegal regulations across state lines with clear instructions not to return. Just need one governor to kick things off. Maybe Bevan can step up. Next, let’s see Texas and AZ declare that illegal aliens are welcome to cross the border in other states, but will not be allowed to enter those states.

  4. A great irony as it turns out. How much better for Kentucky, that the guy that should have been a Senator, will be able to get far more accomplished as Governor.

  5. I know I’m late to the party, but I found this after googling ‘I hate you, Matt Bevin.’ This man has, in less than 2 months in office, already done more damage to our state than I can believe. In fact, just in yesterday’s news there were three excellent examples; Bevin’s budget cuts (that he was so proud of) to education are so severe, they are threatening to actually CLOSE AND SHINGLE UNIVERSITIES. There were protests at the Capitol consisting of students from four of the major universities of KY (KSU, MSU, EKU, WKU) with signs (brilliantly) stating “cut the BULL, Not the budget” and “you think education is expensive, try IGNORANCE”. (He and his repulsive ilk DEPEND ON THE IGNORANT to keep dullards like this in office.) The next story was a new bill allowing people to discriminate against people base on their religious beliefs has passed in the ky senate. (Surprise surprise, he’s a biggot, too! Oh no, wait- just a ‘strong Christian.’) The next story was about a new law allowing ‘Jesus to re-enter the schools.’ Now for someone that claims to be all about that constitution, these last two are really hilarious and hypocritical. This is all going on at the same time as Bevin continues to work to dismantle KYnect (a very successful program that has helped insure many in the Commonwealth for the first time in their lives) and take away health coverage of those who need it most; the poor (and WORKING POOR), the old and the disabled. He is also adamant on telling the EPA to ‘pound sand’ because he ‘doesnt understand why we shouldn’t supply coal if people are using it.’ Where to begin on this one- maybe someone should put it in terms even he can comprehend; ‘it’s bad for the Earth, it will mean bad things for your children and grandchildren, it cannot continue sustainably, it is destroying our lands and our environment and harming the people he was elected to protect.’ I know I see way too many flat-topped mountains around my state, and it infuriates me. What a good Christian man this is. I am dumbfounded that people elected this fly-by-night con-man. As for me, I can’t move from this backwards state soon enough. For those who wish he would come to your state, have at him- we will gladly take another Beshear term of success and growth in Kentucky rather than what this joker has in store for us.

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