Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in the Form of Rand Paul


Rand Paul Constitutional Warrior

I’m inspired! We have a Senator who will stand up for our rights on the US Senate floor! Everyone should respect a man who would stand before the US Senate for almost 13 hours to fight, not for himself, but for us and our constitutional rights on both the left and right.

Rand Paul is our new Mr. Smith, championing the fifth amendment rights of the citizens. He wants a straight answer from our government as to whether or not they can drop a drone on US citizens on US soil. Ted Cruz finally dragged out a “NO” from Eric Holder after he issued endless weasel words, but there are still no guidelines about when drones would be used on US soil.

The first hour:

via Senator Rand Paul

Paul invokes Jane Fonda:

via Charlie Spierling

via noisyroom

Rand Paul ends the filibuster to loud applause which is cut off in this clip:

via AP

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington:

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