Newt Gingrich Explains Why Trump Is a Good Candidate



Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich discussed the failures of the DC intellectuals and politicians in this video.

Donald Trump, as Hannity said, promised to build the wall; end Sanctuary Cities; send education back to the states; repeal and replace Obamacare; he will build up our nation’s military [by the way, the Army just reached pre-WWII levels this week]; he would defeat ISIS and not let the enemy know what we’re going to do; he is pro-life; he will spend less money and try to balance the budget.

That sounds more conservative than the so-called conservatives in DC.

Trump is anti-left, anti-bureacracy, a US nationalist and will be useful in breaking up the left, Gingrich said.

Gingrich added that he’s fed up with the mishandled foreign policy, not only under Obama, but also under Bush. Having someone with the guts to say let’s rethink this isn’t a bad idea.

Gingrich made some great points starting at about 11:00 minutes on the video concerning Hillary’s callous, ideologically-oriented comments on coal and the Democrat treatment of veterans.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

Gingrich, IMO, one of the smartest guys around. Among his achievements as House Speaker: the highly successful Contract With America, Welfare Reform, Capital Gains tax cuts, and in 1998, the first balanced budget since 1969.
Impressive and all under a Democrat president. Because of his great successes, the DNC made it their business to take him down, managing to do so via the distribution of videos of a college course he taught and the claim it was misuse of tax exempt funds. As infractions go, quite minor compared to what we’ve all seen so many get away with, but it was enough to taint him.
Gingrich was my first, very strong choice in 2012, Romney near the bottom of my list. Who among us didn’t know Mitt Romney, a highly flawed candidate, lacked the strength and the fortitude to take on Obama? But he was the Elites’ choice and, just as in 2008 with McCain, shoved down the throats of the electorate. As an aside, during this election cycle, the GOP, in their extreme fear of losing all their “toys,” via a President Trump, has exposed all the many tricks of the trade they’ve long inflicted upon voters to effectively arm twist them into supporting their guys. In truth, We the People have not really “chosen” our candidate since 1980.
Despite I was personally, very much opposed to both Romney and McCain as the GOP nominees and, IMO the worst possible choices, I did what the GOPe commanded us to do and voted for them. After all, as we’re always told, “only their guy can win,” it’s their guy or armageddon.
Regardless how angry I may have been with them, and I was whopping mad, the alternatives were exponentially worse. In the end, you put your own personal indignities aside. You’re either Country First, or you’re not. You are either going to do what EVER it takes to stop the Progressive agendas which you KNOW will forever, irrevocably, damage America.
Those of the so called, “conservative” GOP, most of whom have completely abdicated their “duties” as representatives, have performed as hapless bystanders watching Obama systematically shred our Constitution, violate one law after another and with absolute impunity, crush America, have never coalesced to fight back.
Our Founders pledged, “Our Lives, Our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor,” and put their EVERYTHING on the line that we may live in a free nation, bathed in Liberty. Very sadly, our current breed of politicians, have allowed The Anointed One free reign, permitted every assault upon us, in an effort to save their own, how ever limited, seats of power.
These so called “conservatives,” the #neverTrump folks, are revealing, one after another, the depth of their betrayals and traitorous agendas. Whether it is the wholly selfish guardians of their own pieces of the “power pie,” or political snobbery as they reject the outsider, chosen by the filthy, unwashed electorate, in the end, it is those who MOST betrayed We the People who are screaming the loudest.
As to Paul Ryan, the man who gave us Omnibus…the last straw betrayal fully funding the Left and Obama’s every dream agenda… after we did their bidding giving them first the House, then the Senate (and more national seats of power since the Great Depression) with but ONE Mandate, STOP OBAMA (a solemnly made promise), he is a man who has soon forgotten it was We the People who gave him his power… and not unlike government itself, what it can give, it can also take away.
#NeverHillary…I say, #NeverAgain to the Clinton Monster Cartel BOTH of whom belong in a Federal Penitentiary… certainly NOT in OUR White House.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

Mr. Gingrich has lost touch. He’s a big government guy. He like many politicians spout Constitutional rhetoric, but their actions only rarely live up to it.

His words fall on my deaf ears. I think he is living off of his past reputation, which has faded to almost nothing as far I am concerned. His fifteen minutes of fame went away a long time ago.