NRA Has Grave Concerns About the Second Amendment


Gun rights groups are justifiably concerned about the Second Amendment and they are planning to spend millions on this next election. The NRA will spend $20 million.

“We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would harm our Second Amendment rights,” the NRA tweeted.

Justice Scalia stuck to the constitution and individual freedom. He left much to Congress because he believed in freedom.

It’s not only the Second Amendment we have to worry about. The Democrat party is a party of socialism and collectivism. They will take away our financial resources, our property, and our individual freedoms. They are clear about this. Anyone who has listened to the Democrat debates knows they are openly promoting radical socialism.

We cannot trust Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy is more left than right. President Obama has spent the last seven years filling up the courts with leftists, not moderate Democrats, hard-left ACLU judges. If the Supreme Court moves to the hard-left, the circle of totalitarianism will be complete.

Among those of us who cherish the Founding Fathers, Judge Scalia will be remembered as an originalist and textualist who authored the Heller decision. His passing has made it eminently clear that if we want to retain our Second Amendment rights, we must see the clock run out on Obama’s nominee and we must have a pro-gun Republican who is a strict constitutionalist.

The next President of the United States will possibly name several more justices on an aging court.

This is the time we must look with clear hearts and minds at the choices before us.


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