NY’S Finest Should Be The Dumbest?


In another insult to Black and Hispanic Americans, the Vulcan Society and the DOJ want the test for NYC Fire Department to be far easier so as to greatly increase the number of Blacks and Hispanics on the Fire Department and to do so quickly. One top scorer, who happens to be Black, said the tests were comically obvious.

Tom Perez, Chief, DOJ

Tom Perez, a radical leftist Chief of the DOJ, wants minorities hired regardless of merits. He gave a proposed order to the judge that anybody who got 25 out of 85 questions right (70% of the questions wrong), should be given awards, seniority, pension and other benefits.

Loretta King, instrumental in dropping the Black Panther case, wants specific rational quotas no matter how well they did on the test.

Mayor Bloomberg has taken a tough stand on this case and has said that it is an issue of public safety and the candidates must be competent.

This department, a public safety job, should be run by the finest and that includes being the brightest.


Judge cites discrimination

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