Obama Believes In Borders


Barack Obama definitely believes in borders.


He wants endless borders for companies. No matter where they exist on the globe, he wants to tax them. He plans to have the long arm of the IRS extend throughout the world and into every crevice so he can tax U.S. companies a lot more no matter where they do business.

That way companies can pay the taxes to the country they are in AND to the United States. He calls it “economic patriotism”. It has nothing to do with patriotism of course, it’s socialism.

Obama has refused to say how much taxation is too much. Could it be that he agrees with his late father that 100% taxation is fair? We might want to be concerned about this because he is fundamentally transforming us from a free market, capitalist system to a socialist society with a command and control center where all power remains in the hands of a few elite.

Obama believes in borders to the south of us as well. He thinks the U.S. border should be somewhere around Nicaragua and his Democrat friends agree with him.

Moonbeam – Gov. Jerry Brown – pleaded for the U.S. to open the borders as a”religious call” to “welcome the stranger”. I am sure that Moonbeam will soon open up the mansion and gardens to any interloper who manages to find his or her way there. In fact, I’m thinking of packing my tent and traveling out there to live on his grounds for a while.

There are the Ukraine borders Mr. Obama believes in and which he apparently wants to grow since he won’t do anything but pass worthless, embarrassing sanctions.

He explained that Russia has the right to Crimea since so many of the residents speak Russian. We can only hope he doesn’t notice that most of the residents of Brighton Beach, NY also speak Russian.

The borders ISIS is redrawing are also something he has given thought to and he is okay with their borders as well. He won’t do anything to stop them as they expand throughout the Middle East and kill Christians. He won’t say a word.

Obama asked Congress to completely repeal the Iraq war authorization to be sure we never go in to limit ISIS’ – al Qaeda’s – advance as it dissolves the borders of Syria and Iraq to form its brutal caliphate and as they rape, pillage, and annihilate every Christian and moderate Muslim in their path.

ISIS hopes to go to Jordan, Lebanon and Israel when they are done with Iraq. They are pushing towards Bagdad as we speak.

Most importantly, he believes in Israel’s borders – the pre-1967 borders. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he also likes the pre-1948 borders.

He sees Hamas as an organization that needs to be funded, possibly because he agrees with Nancy Pelosi that they are a humanitarian organization. Maybe he agrees with Hillary Clinton that Hamas merely puts their missiles in schools, hospitals, Mosques because they don’t have a lot of room there in Gaza.

Whatever the reason, Obama is sending Hamas another $47 million, allegedly for humanitarian reasons, but they can use it any way they want and we all know how it will be used. Mr. Obama agreed to an arms deal with Qatar who are sponsors of terror  and supporters of Hamas – its for $11 billion in arms! Obama is arming and supporting terrorists – that’s the border he likes.

Unlike Mr. Obama, who is big on borders, Hamas and ISIS see no limits.

Obama doesn’t care about red lines, but borders, that’s his thing.

Yes, we can come to no other conclusion but that Mr. Obama believes in borders, especially if drawn by invaders, the tax man, dictators, and terrorist groups.




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