Obama Declares War on Natural Gas With A New Executive Order



In this video, we hear Obama talking about his support for the increased production of natural gas, but I hope you didn’t think this was going to happen any time soon.

Also in this video, he talks about the government promoting development in a way that keeps people safe – that’s key – keep us safe. No one will ever convince him it is safe enough. Watch John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in this video – if Obama was going to push natural gas, they would have looked a lot happier than they do.

Remember when Obama said he wanted Keystone? One cannot believe what he says, only what he does.


Today, in the Friday dump, Obama issued another Executive Order or Fiat if you will. The Executive Order will slow down natural gas production with over-reaching agencies and regulations. None of this will be run by Congress who have become irrelevant.

Executive Order — Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources

While superficially acknowledging the role of private industry and the states, Obama is clear about the overwhelming role his big government will have as he allegedly keeps us safe.

Obama and his base of environmentalist supporters have been at war with fracking which, because of its efficient method of extracting natural gas, is responsible for the dramatic lowering of gas prices. Unfortunately, Obama’s environmental base doesn’t like it so he’s going to over-regulate it into non-existence.

Obama declares –

The Executive Order therefore calls for -the Federal Government has an important role to play by regulating oil and gas activities on public and Indian trust lands, encouraging greater use of natural gas in transportation, supporting research and development aimed at improving the safety of natural gas development and transportation activities, and setting sensible, cost-effective public health and environmental standards to implement Federal law and augment State safeguards.

Obama appointed an interagency group to monitor and control natural gas development and I would be shocked if anything gets done with all these dictatorial bureaucrats in charge. It will be a nightmare for the companies.

Look at the number of agencies that form this interagency group –

(i) the Department of Defense;

(ii) the Department of the Interior;

(iii) the Department of Agriculture;

(iv) the Department of Commerce;

(v) the Department of Health and Human Services;

(vi) the Department of Transportation;

(vii) the Department of Energy;

(viii) the Department of Homeland Security;

(ix) the Environmental Protection Agency;

(x) the Council on Environmental Quality;

(xi) the Office of Science and Technology Policy;

(xii) the Office of Management and Budget;

(xiii) the National Economic Council; and

(xiv) such other agencies or offices as the Chair may invite to participate.

Does anyone really believe a group this size with so many diverse interests will agree on anything? The EPA alone is an insurmountable obstacle.

Their functions are far reaching and will thwart any growth –

(b)  Functions.  Consistent with the authorities and responsibilities of participating agencies and offices, the Working Group shall support the safe and responsible production of domestic unconventional natural gas by performing the following functions:

(i) coordinate agency policy activities, ensuring their efficient and effective operation and facilitating cooperation among agencies, as appropriate;

(ii) coordinate among agencies the sharing of scientific, environmental, and related technical and economic information;

(iii) engage in long-term planning and ensure coordination among the appropriate Federal entities with respect to such issues as research, natural resource assessment, and the development of infrastructure;
(iv) promote interagency communication with stakeholders; and

(v) consult with other agencies and offices as appropriate

I have another concern – why  do private companies have to share trade secrets with the government who will likely give them to China or Brazil? If they don’t deliberately share the information, they won’t safeguard it judging from their past history. That’s a little too much cooperation, don’t you think?

Bye Bye Natural Gas

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