Obama Ignores Boko Haram While They Slaughter Christians


50 gunmen

Around 50 gunmen in cars and on motorcycles carried out the attacks on 3 churches and border posts. The gunmen were members of Boko Haram. 

Barack Obama will not name, list or recognize Boko Haram – the Nigerian Taliban – as a terrorist group nor will he recognize their growing allegiance to Al Qaeda even as they kill more than 12,000 people, mostly Christians.

A series of attacks on three Christian churches in Nigeria this past weekend serves as an example. The attacks were a continuation of Boko Haram’s attempts to establish a caliphate in Nigeria and purge the country of Christians. CBS News, an outlet sympathetic to Mr. Obama, is selling it as sectarian violence.

The State Department has said they are “very concerned about violence in Nigeria” and added that it was “looking at this very carefully.” They also say that putting these groups on the terrorist watch list is a lengthy and complicated process that must stand up in a court of law.

Boko Haram, a vicious radical sect of Islam aligned with Al Qaeda, is attacking Christians throughout Nigeria where 40% of the population is Christian.

President Goodluck Jonathan has been attempting to quash the rebellion since May.

Boko Haram attacks Christians in their churches where they are most vulnerable. There are reprisal attacks since Christians began hitting back last June but, outside of the government, there is little organized resistance to the ruthless sects murdering harmless villagers throughout Nigeria.

Boko Haram means ‘Western education is sacrilege.’ In 2012 alone, 10 churches were attacked with hundreds killed.

In June of this year, they attacked churches for three weekends, killing hundreds, more than 150 in one attack alone.

In August, more than 1700 innocent Christian villagers were brutally tortured and killed, many had their eyes gouged out and their throats slit. The terrorists come in the night and avoid the soldiers by using stealth attacks using knives and machetes.

Boko Haram switched from a clerical movement opposed to Western culture into an armed militia with strong and growing ties to al Qaeda in West Africa. Al Qaeda is growing in strength through organization and communication. They are tying these fringe groups together under one umbrella of radical extremism.

Boko Haram began as an armed militia in 2009. They have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda since 2007.

The deadliest attack are on Christian holidays: ‘An Easter Day blast in Kaduna left at least 38 people dead, and a Christmas Day suicide bombing of a Catholic church near Nigeria’s capital killed at least 44. Boko Haram claimed responsibility for both attacks,’ according to CBS News.

Boko Haram released this statement about last weekends church attacks: “Allah has given us victory in the attacks we launched (Sunday) against churches in Kaduna and Zaria towns which resulted in the deaths of many Christians and security personnel,” the statement said. “Allah has given us victory in the attacks we launched (Sunday) against churches in Kaduna and Zaria towns which resulted in the deaths of many Christians and security personnel.”

CBS claims that the reprisals ‘highlight festering religious tensions in Nigeria,…The attacks occurred in the religious flashpoint state of Kaduna that sits at the border between the country’s predominantly Muslim north and its mainly Christian south. ‘

True enough except Boko Haram is a violent and dangerous sect aligned with Al Qaeda that is attempting to commit genocide of Christians. Christian attacks are random efforts to dissuade their attackers or are outbursts of anger.

CBS News is only one media outlet that takes a story about the annihilation of Christians into a sectarian violence story where both parties are equally to blame and al Qaeda is not presented as the problem.

Most of the terrorist groups like Boko Haram have forged alliances with international terror groups including the Islamic Maghreb, and because of that they pose a serious threat to US interests.

Boko Haram’s leader Abubaker Shekau said this:

For this fact, where ever you are, you should know that it is not an ethnic war, it is not an ignorant war, it is not a war for money, it is not a war for any other reason. No, it is a religious war! This war is not meant to end in either a day, a week, or a year, but the end of this war is when we are all dead, the whole of us, and none of us is left to continue the war or it is the religion that will dictate what is to be done and this may decipher the end of the war…This is a war against Muslims and infidels. Yes! And we are ever ready to face any one that will take any step against us, be it individuals, group of persons or government or whoever may be, because we know those we aim at in this war. Therefore, we are warning every Muslim that adherents of Islam under no grounds should help any infidel in this war. If, by any chance, any Muslim helps any infidel in this war he should know that he is a dead person, yes!

Boko Haram fully intends to spread Sharia law throughout the world and attack US interests.