Obama Initiating Card Check By Fiat


In the United States of America, workers have lost the right to the secret ballot thanks to the National Labor Relations Board lead by a self-proclaimed socialist.

We are inundated with notices about how our privacy is being maintained by banks and hospitals. When I go in to vote, I draw the union curtain behind me for secrecy, but these privacy rules no longer apply to unions. Unions can now be free to bully and threaten those who would vote against their wishes just like the good old Chicago mobster days.

Now, unions can force people into unionizing with permission of the government. Elimination of the secret ballot, aka card check, was rejected by the Congress so, once again, the Obama administration is ruling by Fiat. And that is not all, if you read on, you will find two other objectionable rulings.

Bully, they will! When I worked in a supermarket as a kid, I refused to join the union since it was allegedly an open shop and, as a part timer, it offered me no benefits. I was then visited by two brutish thugs from Brooklyn who tried to bully me into joining so I could, at 15 years old, help pay for the full time workers. They told me they would pay me another visit when I refused. I continued to refuse until the manager pleaded with me to join as it would make his life miserable if I didn’t.

There were a total of three outrageous rulings this week: “NLRB’s most recent actions go against what the America people want. The American people and their elected representatives in Congress oppose the Card Check Forced Unionism bill, but the Obama Labor Board seems determined to impose card check on American workers in every way it can,” Mix said. “Taken with the NLRB’s other recent actions, the Obama Administration has made it easier for union operatives to steamroll over workers while making it next to impossible for independent-minded workers to stand up for their rights or decertify the union hierarchy.”

On Tuesday the NLRB also decided that unionized workers should be forced to wait a “reasonable amount of time” before booting a union after a change of ownership at their shop. The UGL-UNNICO Service Company ruling means employees will have to wait an extended period of time before removing an unwanted union if their company’s ownership changes. In other words, once in, you will never get rid of them no matter how much you might want to.

The third ruling also favored unions. It allows for “micro union” organizing*** at non-acute healthcare facilities. Read here: the Daily Caller

*** The “micro unions” would essentially allow labor organizers to section off company employees by specific job descriptions. For example, if a union were trying to organize a restaurant staff, leaders would target servers, busboys, dishwashers, cooks and hostesses separately. they can organize 5, 10 people at a time.



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