Obama Is Redistributing US Tax $$ While US Governors Worry About Refugees


While French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of war and is attempting to deal with what is fast becoming a crisis, Barack Obama is basking  in the Philippines. He should be in Paris but wherever the problems are, you can generally find him on the other side of the world. That’s a trick Secretary Clinton used as well.

Obama at APEC giving away our money.

He is in the Philippines to do what he does best – redistribute our money and announce a package of up to $259 million in new aid over the course of two years, including $79 million for the Philippines, $40 million for Vietnam, $21 million for Indonesia and $2.5 million for Malaysia. He also gave the Navy two ships while our Navy is in sore need of repair because so much of their money goes to climate change.

Obama said he also talked with Australia’s new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about how the two countries can reach out to Muslim communities to make them feel part of democracy.

It would be nice if Obama would reach out the the more than half of the country he has alienated and made them feel part of the democracy – actually it’s a Republic, but that word will never leave Obama’s lips.

Not wanting unvetted refugees in this country is bipartisan and non-partisan. It’s simply common sense. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is currently testifying before a House committee, not about the refugees but it has come up, and she said her agency will make every effort to vet the refugees. She did not deny Senator Goodlatte’s concern that we don’t have databases from Syria and we cannot conduct critical interviews on the ground.

Big government lover Sheila Jackson Lee wants another government committee to talk to different agencies. How that will help screen applicants when we already have committees to do this is unclear. When Lee asked Lynch if she was confident about the vetting process, Lynch cagily said they would do all they could in their “robust” vetting process.


Twenty-six governors [Update: the number is up to 30 as of 2:10 pm EST] have refused to take the unvetted refugees. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina explains in the next video that the Federal government has not shared how the refugees are being processed nor do they tell them who is coming into their state so they can handle any issues that come out. They don’t know who these people are.

They are already coming in.

refugees already here

The refugees go directly to non-profit agencies. There are no records, no coordination, no information on the individuals, no background information, and the states have no idea where they will be relocated. They don’t even know how many are coming. North Carolina alone thinks they are getting 12,000. That’s exactly how Barack Obama handles the illegal immigrants. He’s consistent if nothing else.

The governors probably don’t know in part because the Feds don’t know much either.

Barack Obama has said he wants 100,000 from the Middle East in 2015, not 10,000 as people keep saying, and he plans on another 200,000 in 2016 and 2017. We have taken 250,000 in from the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere this year.

People keep talking about Syria, but Libya, Somalia and Iraq are also failed states with Afghanistan not far behind along with other North African nations. We take them from Iran, Cuba, everywhere.

CAIR is out slamming the governors today for their actions. All this as the French have ID’d more suspects. They have arrested more than 100 so far, but as Obama said, “it’s a handful.”


Rand Paul is trying to stop student visas from Syria but he won’t have any luck. Our imperial president won’t allow it and the Congress is useless.

Notice how Obama always says we are not at war with Islam in the next series of clips. He simply does not recognize the existence of radical Islam. In the clips, he claims he can assure our safety when he obviously can’t.

Brennan can be heard saying the attack in Paris isn’t going to be the only one. There are 1,000 ISIS investigations going on in the US now and FBI Director Jim Comey said they have used social media to push into the US.

They won’t need social media if they’re here.

Then there is this from Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, former Chief of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). We are “letting the world go to Hell and pretending it won’t come back to bite us.” Flynn said it’s “absurd” for the “President to stand there” and say “our strategy is working” this “vicious, vile enemy”. He for one, is “stunned.”


Last June, Trey Gowdy said it all. We need to maintain our sovereignty. Everything Obama is doing is to create an unsafe, not sovereign nation. Obama knows that this will affect our sovereignty. Our safety is collateral damage one might suppose.