Obama: Slurs Against Conservative Woman Are Fine But Not So Liberal Woman


What does Obama think about Letterman’s foul and insulting language towards conservatives, specifically conservative women?

We know he was repulsed by Rush Limbaugh’s language towards Sandra Fluke, the poser and activist. He even called Fluke to offer his help – poor dear.  But he has not said a word about the vile rants by Letterman and Maher.

We now have our answer. His SuperPac took and is keeping a million dollars from Bill Maher. Michelle Obama is going on Letterman’s show.

That’s what he thinks and that’s his message to you America!

Obama has the same philosophy as the National Organization for Women. Only liberal women have the right to be treated with respect.

…The first lady will appear on the “Late Show with David Letterman” on March 19. Mrs. Obama will discuss her Joining Forces initiative, which supports military families, and her plans for the program’s one-year anniversary.

CBS, which airs Letterman’s show, says this will be Mrs. Obama’s first appearance on the program… Read here: Michelle Obama to appear on Letterman.


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