Obama’s Abuse of Power During the Shutdown Is Pathetic


Mr. Obama said a shutdown would damage economic recovery and hurt “real people right away.” He is going to make sure that does happen.

He is closing whatever he can that will hurt the most as long as Republicans are being blamed.

When Harry Reid was asked why he wouldn’t open NIH and help the cancer kids – if only to save one life – he said, “Why would I want to do that?” He meant it. NIH is still closed, isn’t it? That is despite a Republican bill to open it.

Parks are being closed because people are vacationing there. Why better way to hurt Americans? Parks are important to the American people and tourists.

Mr. Obama has even closed the US cemetery at Normandy which requires only 5 guards. Tourists, some who regarded it as the trip of a lifetime, have been refused admittance. The French have reacted as any normal person would. They can’t believe it and one told a Fox News reporter that cemeteries are meant to be kept open. They should never be closed.

Is this what our soldiers fought for? How ironic! Cruel and ironic.

The World War II Memorial in DC has been reinforced with wire to keep out those who would pay their respects. The memorial is not unlike a cemetery.

Congressmen are still escorting veterans into the Memorial, but, still, there’s WIRE on the gates! These are the peoples’ gates. They are open memorials. Obama is spending more money closing them down.

Mr. Obama has shut the people out of the White House by closing off tours using sequester as an excuse. Who is he to close the White House? It is NOT his house. He is a temporary resident – at least we hope so.

Check out the gates which are wired shut:

fences wired shut

Is this acceptable to Americans?

Camp David is being kept open but sports coverage is being cut to hundreds of thousands of troops around the world.

In what is becoming a familiar refrain, the Obama government is plastering this everywhere:

“GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Due to the government shutdown, the Defense Department can only provide limited overseas television, radio, print and web services.”

What does it cost to make up these signs and have them hung? It can’t be cheap.

Hannity just interviewed a man on his radio show who runs the Pisgah Inn, a private inn – a concession – on the Blue Ridge Highway. The road to the inn is open but Obama has hired guards to block the entrance to his inn!!! The owner, Brian O’Connell, has reopened. His inn is private and the road is open. He uses NO government personnel. He draws NO government resources. He leases. Herein lies one of the problems that results from government owning too much land.

Mr. O’Connell is challenging the authority of the Obama administration to shut down a private business on land they leased in good faith.

guards at the inn

Guards turning people away from the inn via the Washington Times

Mr. O’Connell closed but opened again despite the government intimidation from park rangers. “The level of intimidation and coercion became such that we backed down at first. Then after sleeping on it, our own convictions took front and center and we decided to reopen,”  said Mr. O’Connell.

The park rangers are not to blame. They are following instructions.

The rangers closed the parking lot to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation home. Mount Vernon is privately owned by the Mount Vernons’ Ladies Association. The feds closed their parking lots this week but the lots are jointly owned with the Mount Vernon ladies.

The rangers aren’t happy with their orders. “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Read more at the Washington Times

One privately-run park in Virginia, the Claude Moore farm, was closed by armed guards. The expense of guards blockading their parking lot must be more than not guarding their lots. There is no other government expense incurred by the farm. It is completely private. They lease the land from the government – that’s it! The farm will go bankrupt if they can’t open this week.

Meanwhile, the president, who is obviously doing his best to hurt the ordinary American, is asking for people to submit their sob stories to his WH blog.

Someone named Nathaniel Lubin asked:

Congress has two jobs to do: pass a budget and pay its bills. But earlier this week, Congress failed to pass legislation to fund the government, and now many vital services are shut down. So, we want to hear: How has the government shutdown affected you?

I don’t know if Obama will be golfing this weekend but he did sit down for a photo shoot on Thursday:

photo opvia Breitbart and Drudge Report

A new Fox poll reported that 88% say the “government is in charge of the people,” which includes 83%t of Democrats, 88% of independents and 94% of Republicans.

Is this what Americans want? Do they really want government to take care of them as opposed to being free and self-reliant? Time will tell.



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