Oh Boy, Wind Farms Cause Local Climate Change! Extremists Won’t Want to Hear This!


It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace

Oh boy, the global warming nuts are not going to like hearing this bit of news. Wind farms are pushing up local temperatures. This is not from some right wing dissident. This comes from the scientists who are researching them.

According to the Guardian, “Large windfarms can increase local night time temperatures by fanning warmer air onto the ground, new research has revealed. The study used satellite data to show that the building of huge windfarms in west Texas over the last decade has warmed the nights by up to 0.72C.”

The study focused on only one area and for only 9 years so no definite conclusions can be made though it is backed up by previous studies. Careful management of wind farms will have to be initiated. Right now they are being built by carpetbaggers looking to make money from the large government subsidies. Read here: The Guardian UK

There was no mention of the bird murders from wind turbines.

There was also no mention of the unwarranted costs.

The giant wind turbines chop up birds, look bad, make a loud, ungodly noise, provide very small amounts of intermittent power usually at the wrong time at a very large price, and they don’t last much more than 20 years without burning up, breaking down or falling down, and are proving to be worse than useless in the real world. Sane people in Denmark, Germany and Spain have come to the conclusion that it has all been a waste to build these things.  [RFaley]

TenK megs of wind power cost $17 billion plus $8 billion for transmission lines. That $25 billion would have bought 25,000 megawatts of natural gas which works in the heat and is CLEAN energy, energy which we hold in abundance thanks to fracking. Obama is anti-fracking because he visualizes nonexistent contamination.

When its hot, and you need these things to generate electricity for A/C, they don’t work because there isn’t much wind in the heat.

The costs are not warranted, especially if you add the increase of CO2 locally –

Quoting Dutch physicist C. le Pair:

“Wind generated electricity requires back-up capacity of conventional power stations. This capacity is required to deliver electricity to consumers when wind supply is falling short. To have the non-wind power stations ramp up or down to compensate for the stochastic wind variations causes extra efficiency loss for such power stations…

Wind energy easily costs more than it yields, not only in monetary terms, but also in non-sustainable energy use. Thus it will easily increase rather than decrease CO2 emission.”

Check out this study which came to the following conclusions –


  1. It is necessary to establish on the basis of data, rather than model predictions, the level of extra fuel use caused by decreased efficiency of fossil back-up for wind power, before countries translate large investment plans in wind energy into reality.
  2. Wind energy easily costs more than it yields, not only in monetary terms, but also in non-sustainable energy use. Thus it will easily increase rather than decrease CO2 emission.
  3. Electricity companies must urgently provide the real data on extra fuel required to back up for wind-powered generators.